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4 Tips For Choosing the Right Knowledge Management Technology

Before reading this post, we recommend that you get Generate UK – Digital Marketing Blog delivered directly to your email inboxThe great benefit of a working Knowledge Management system is that it will enable your staff to make more informed decisions and be more proactive with their knowledge. This in turn increases their contribution to your organisation. Knowledge Management is about learning, this is achieved via the affective collaboration and sharing of individual knowledge and experience.

The challenge when implementing a new Knowledge Management project is that it is not just about the technology. It is about the people and how to motivate the people to share their knowledge in a new way that benefits them and your business. This article describes four tips to help you choose the right Knowledge Management technology.

  1. Take the time to develop your staff. The success or failure will be based upon user adoption. Talk to them to understand their current process and what they would need in order to improve it. This will help your staff gain a sense of ownership to the project, which will ensure their continued support. Once you understand what content is available and the process, evaluate the technology based on this.
  2. Compare what is it that you need to deliver with the different Knowledge Management products that are available. It is likely that a single piece of technology will not be able to fulfil your project goals, evaluate the one that is the closest to your needs and more important is open so that you can bespoke add to it.
  3. Shortlist a selection of Knowledge Management products and give them all equal chance to work based upon your original criteria. Each will have good and bad features, once you have a technology fit; weigh this against the relationship you have with the vendor and how they have worked with you during the evaluation process. Your budget will also have a major factor here.
  4. Where possible try to select a technology solution that is not locked. By this we mean a piece of software that is standards based and can be extended. So often companies invest in software that is unable to grow with their needs. Good software should be able to grow with you and work with you now and in the future.

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POSTED ON October 7, 2008 BY Mike IN Marketing



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