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Digital Marketing Trends And Predictions For 2014

digital trends 2014

If you’re involved in online marketing then you’ll be aware that the digital landscape has changed considerably during the course of 2013. The Google Panda and Penguin have both been updated. We have also seen the incorporation of the game-changing Hummingbird update. Congratulations are in order if you have managed to adapt and limit the impact of these changes. However, you are also encouraged to look forward to the challenges of 2014.

SEO Reconceptualised

You may be aware that a number of the traditional SEO methods have proven ineffective in recent times. Google have made it quite clear that they are unwilling to tolerate the purchase of links and the over-optimisation of websites. They have ensured that keyword data is ‘not provided’ and that webmasters are penalised for keyword stuffing. It has become increasingly difficult to manipulate the rankings as the search engine technology has developed.

Some of the leading analysts have said that web site owners should focus on online audience optimisation rather than search engine optimisation in 2014. They have claimed that it will be necessary to find ways of addressing the core desires of digital audiences. Businesses have been urged to target the most relevant social media platforms and communicate in the same language as their customers. However, the Generate UK team have pointed out that there will still be a need for websites to abide by the search engine guidelines. Experienced SEO practitioners will also be required to assist the webmasters who have been hit with Google penalties.

A Continued Focus On Quality Content

Google realise that they have to generate the most relevant results if they are to maintain a position of dominance in the search engine industry. It is for this reason that they reward the producers of high quality content. Of course the major brands have more time and money to spend on content marketing. This means that smaller business have a tough time achieving rankings for competitive search phrases. There is increased competition for Adwords, which results in increased earnings for Google.

It will still be possible for small business owners to enjoy content marketing success in 2014. However, they will have to employ savvy techniques. It is worth pointing out that Google’s new Hummingbird takes account of entire search meanings, rather than individual keywords. Google have even started to boost the rankings of website pages which provide the most accurate and thorough answers to people’s questions. So webmasters who carry out thorough research and write pieces about the hottest topics will stand a good chance of seeing an increase in search engine traffic.

Webmasters who want to succeed in 2014 should strive to produce targeted content on a regular basis. It will be important to tailor pieces in line with business objectives and meet the expectations of specific digital audiences. Particularly successful campaigns may harness the power of social media networks, blogs, and video websites. It would be worth following example of the the John Lewis marketeers who used online videos, television promotions and high street advertisements to market their Christmas range.

Fresh Social Media Strategies

Website owners who use the various social media platforms are expected to reap a variety of benefits next year. The experts at Moz have said that there will be real value in registering with Google + and claiming authorship for articles, blogs and other digital texts. Those of you who do this will stand an improved chance of gaining expert recognition. There will also be a chance of improved rankings, as Google continues to reward those individuals who craft exceptional content.

Facebook and Twitter are likely to be the most popular social networks for the foreseeable future. However, it is worth pointing that great numbers of people are making use of social media sites such as LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr. Business owners are advised to find out which of these social networking sites are used most often by their customers. It will also be worth tapping into the most relevant online discussions and creating targeted campaigns.

Optimising For Mobile Users

Growth in the popularity of internet-enabled mobile devices is expected to continue in 2014 and beyond. It is thought that more people will be using tablets and mobile phones to access websites and interact with social media. Business owners who want to cash in on this trend will create responsive websites and mobile friendly advertisements. They will incorporate click to call functionality and build pages specifically for local audiences.

Google will certainly be taking account of mobile functionality when assigning website rankings. Digital marketeers may even be required to optimise their websites for people wearing Google glasses and watches. There will be a need to adapt strategies in line with the behaviour of different users. It might be worth targeting the owners of smartphones with short advertisements, uploaded to Vine or Instagram. There will also be the possibility of creating branded apps as a means of advertising products and services.

Businesses who fail to harness the mobile technology will face the risk of being left behind by their competitors. The online audience will see these companies as being outdated. They may tell their friends about poor mobile experiences. There will be a real risk of diminished digital earnings.

Digital Assistance From Generate UK

As a forward thinking business owner you’ll undoubtedly realise the importance of preparing for the types of digital changes mentioned in this article. However, you may not have the time to research different forms of social media or create outstanding content. Thankfully you can rely upon the assistance of Generate UK. Our expert team will develop the right kinds of strategies to ensure that you meet your digital objectives in 2014.

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