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Hear It Through The Great Vine

Just when you thought that Twitter could not get better, the new feature called Vine was introduced as a video sharing app for iOS devices.   It allows users to create interesting and effective six second video shorts which are looped and replayed when posted in the Twitter feed.

This entirely new and exciting level of sharing on the popular social network  has digital marketers and brands eagerly scrambling with unlimited creative applications.   We know that video does a superior job at garnering attention.  Simply take a look at the 800+ million unique users who visit YouTube every month!  Capturing part of that appeal in Twitter will redefine posts and reach for Brands and businesses.

One innovative journalist has used Vine to augment her resume and get some attention while she searches for her next employer.  Mashable wrote up the Vine video for Dawn Siff as possibly the first Twitter video resume in the world. With only 170 followers on her Twitter account, we’ll be interested in noting how much success the New Yorker has due to Vine and the subsequent press coverage.

Will the social network community at Twitter embrace using the six second looping video to augment text content with multimedia? While the idea of putting video into the Twitter feed is interesting, it may have an equal chance of deterring the audience as well as engaging it if used improperly.

Our Guide To Using Vine

Like any other social media engagement, you want to closely monitor your strategy for using Vine in your Brand or business Twitter feed.  Misusing Vine could create new followers but it could also cause you to lose followers if used excessively.

•           Keep it uncomplicated, short and relevant

•           Incorporate consistent brand colours, images and communication

•           Avoid using Vine videos excessively in your feed (maximum twice per week)

•           Get creative and make it interesting!

•           Avoid over selling or over commercialised advertisements

Creative Marketing for Brands

•           Share a clip from a customer appreciation event

•           Have staff say ‘hello’ with short clips

•           Create clips of customers or enthusiastic brand ambassadors

•           Ask customers to create product or brand clips for contests

•           Create product spotlights that are fun and memorable

Generate UK is a full service award winning digital marketing agency. We provide creative platforms for making your business heard and penetrating your niche market.  Contact us to implement an effective multimedia digital strategy for your Brand.

POSTED ON February 27, 2013 BY Matt Lewin IN Content