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Improve your E-commerce Sales

As we get closer to the key trading period for the majority of online retailers I thought I would cover some points related to all industries to help boast your sales over the coming months. Some are very quick wins others will need some research and time invested but all with the end goal of increasing sales.

  • Navigation – The vast majority of online shoppers are getting used to using big shopping platforms such as eBay and Amazon to purchase. They feature clear and easy to use navigation and as online shoppers become accustomed to this they will of course expect the same quality from your site. If you utilise internal links to help your customers navigate through your products, now is the time to check for broken links and fix any navigation issues. Amazon are superb at ensuring the navigation is relative to the category and providing customers with links to related products.
  • Pricing – Online shopping will almost always focus on pricing. If you surveyed 1000 online shoppers asking what factors drive them to shop online, price will feature very highly. Transparency is key for any online retailer, even more so since the huge rise of comparison websites. Make sure you highlight your prices especially if your product is competitively priced.
  • Discounts – If you are able to offer and run discounts across items ensure you make it easy to redeem at the shopping cart. If you use a next day shipping service as standard, focus your marketing message around this – ‘FREE next day delivery on all orders’ works much better than ‘FREE delivery on all orders’. If you retail on the high street make sure your discount messaging is clear as to whether the same offers are available in-store. HMV are a prime example here with high street prices often 10-20% more than the same product on their website, which leads to very frustrated customers and a decline in sales. Remember it is very easy to find the same product somewhere else now.
  • Descriptions – I often tell our clients that your product descriptions are effectively your online sales person. If you do have in-store sales staff consult them for information about the products as they will have feedback from in-store customers which can often be vital when translated across into the description online. Mention the materials used, origin of goods and especially in depth sizing information as accurate information will help reduce your level of returns. The amount of product information available on this product page is huge with details on the item, brand, materials used, model information, washing care and so on.
  • Delivery information – This is key information which will drastically effect whether somebody purchases from you. Make sure your delivery pricing and time frames are readily available, whether its a link on each product page, at the checkout or on a stand-alone page. Review your analytics and check for visitors from European and International countries, It could be worth offering international delivery for those countries with large visitor numbers.
  • Rich Media – Would you buy something without seeing it? Another hugely important factor when selling online is to include high quality images of your products, Ideally from multiple angles and close ups of features. Video is becoming more and more popular with e-commerce websites due to amount of information which can be included in such a short period of time. have become one of the best at highlighting multiple images and videos for there products as you can see here.
  • Website speed – Slow page loading times can have a big impact on purchasing, Ensure your website hosting is up to speed and you test your website regularly. You can use Google’s Webmaster tools or the new page load report in the updated version of Google Analytics.
These are just a few of the key areas to cover which can sometimes be overlooked in the lead up to the years key trading period. Perform a health check on your website, making it a priority over the next few days will greatly improve your chances of increased sales this year.

POSTED ON October 3, 2011 BY Mike IN Ecommerce



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