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Tips to Improve Your Klout Score

Before reading this post, if you’re not sure what Klout is, then you may want to visit our previous post about What is Klout all about. We also posted a follow up commentary about a change to the Klout algorithm in November.

Ok, welcome back…

At the end of 2011 Klout had reached over one hundred million users worldwide who were interested in understanding the analytics of their social media interaction and online influence.  The directory continues to grow exponentially and with it a number of new applications and reasons to get on board with Klout.

Maintaining a Klout score takes a moderate amount of online interaction on a daily basis.  Some have commented that retaining Klout scores can be something of a full time job, requiring input on a variety of social network sites in order to build a higher score.  Inactivity on social media networks does cause the Klout score to drop dramatically, which is consistent with the fact that its sole intention is to measure online influence.  If you aren’t contributing to information streams or digital community on a regular basis you are not going to be influential at all.  It takes a level of participation to achieve a high score in Klout’s qualitative measurement model.

Is Klout it worth it?

CBS News New York created an excellent piece evaluating who is using Klout and outlining some very practical purposes.  What exactly does having Klout mean?  It can depend largely on the industry with Justin Bieber achieving the impossible perfect score of ‘100’ as an indicant of his franchise and its prevalence on virtually every social media outlet.  For entertainers it is an indicant of iconic pop culture status.  More businesses are diving into Klout for promotional reasons but also to demonstrate their representation through cutting edge media and marketing channels.  A high Klout score is indicative of successful branding and viewership but also in basic business savvy.  As the index continues to draw ever increasing members to its community can you afford to lose an opportunity to connect with over one hundred million users?  Probably not.


Scores are variable; however the mean score of all users (including business and personal accounts) is ’20’ according to Klout. As your Klout score increases it becomes more difficult to improve your score but it can be done with some focus on the analytical information provided.

Added 26th April 2012 – One of the best overviews of Klout Perks and their effectiveness can be found over at Kelly Bergman’s blog. Definitely worth a visit and don’t forget to hook him up with some +K.

Klout Metrics

When you login to Klout you’ll be able to click on your profile and read details of your score analysis, topics and influencers. In my opinion, these are the three key areas to learn and understand, as this is where your score and style will be influenced.

Score Analysis

Review the trending of your social network activity and its impact by reviewing the Score Analysis section of your Klout analytics.  Your 90-day statistics will provide a summary of your activity on a variety of networks including Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  To maximize your influence you should aim for equal participation on all channels where possible, so if you have been sharing content prolifically on Google+ but neglecting your Twitter account, the index will bear that out and give you suggestions on where you can increase your content sharing within your niche.


Treat your niche authority area as seriously as you would your own brand and give the same attention to organised content that helps to build your authority within that niche.  If you are in the business of personnel recruiting for    instance, your network should reflect businesses that have a need for your services and other complimentary subsectors and your industry competitors.  While including your competitors in your social network may seem risky    (you want your clients to do business with you and not someone else) they are propagating content that is relevant and prudent to share.

Stay within your niche and don’t be afraid to cross network.  Check the status of the network buzz feed to see what    others are talking about and interested in so that you can incorporate some of that content to draw more viewership   and interactions


Who do you influence?  Who are you influenced by? Take a close look at the Twitter accounts that influence you the most.  Use this list to target new members of your network.  If they are not already following you add them with a brief professional introduction on Twitter.  An endorsement via retweet by a key influencer can open up new opportunities for you within a larger network. Don’t forget to thank them for mentioning your product or service.

Where does Klout fit in with your social media stratagem? Contact us for a consultation and advice on how to maximise this and other social networking tools for your business.

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Klout Infographic

Thanks to the guys at KISSmetics for the following infographic.

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