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What is the future for SEO?

Google’s algorithm has changed more significantly in the last one and a half years than the previous three years combined. That’s quite a statement. Sure, as SEOers we are aware of the changing World Wide Web, particularly Google’s SERPs and the ever growing need to deliver relevant content through these channels, whilst keeping up with the way users are now using the platform to finding the content they’re looking for.

At the latest Brighton SEO conference in September, where fellow like-minded SEOers meet to keep up-to-date with the up and coming trends from the industry experts, there were three key take-aways from the event that stood out to have continued and growing in importance for the future of SEO:

  1. Content
  2. Social Media
  3. Mobile

Content + Social

The saying ‘content is king’ has been used for a long time by digital marketers, but it has never been more crucial to create great quality content that is not only relevant to the user but now, with social media being ever more prevalent, the content we create also needs to be something worth sharing.

Twitter is a prime social media platform that demonstrates just how great content can be formed, shared and absorbed by the user.

People who use social media are often doing something else at the same time; watching TV, on a desktop, talking.  What does this say about the virtual world? Attention is steered by the visible crowd, in this instance the Twitter timeline and social proof can encourage users to do powerful things. Social media can be used to not only market in real-time but to plan for the moment. This can be done by creating content based on activity that appears live with the use of predictions and anticipations:

Twitter can also be used as a back screen to other things going on in the world – like Tweeting during TV shows. This can be particularly effective when optimising TV ads with the use of hash tags to promote products and pulling live tweets into live broadcast – #danceponydance

Another example is the Wimbledon win earlier this year which saw 3.2 million tweets and most of these tweets were posted the moment it happened. The online reach to users demonstrates TV can be more effective with Twitter.

Social + Mobile

Twitter has 15 million UK users and 80% contribute to the social channel from a mobile device.

Mobile is quickly becoming the device of choice for more and more internet users. 77% of smartphone users look up services and products through mobile and half of these then go on to purchase.

Quick mobile facts:

  • Mobile Internet usage doubled between 2009 and 2012
  • Mobile search with local intent 40%. E.g. Users looking for local restaurants
  • 50% of online sales for Mother’s Day 2013 from mobile
  • £13 billion mobile sales in 2013 – that’s just eBay
  • Mobile is fastest growing platform ever


It has never been more important for websites to be mobile optimised to with such a large amount of users (and potential buyers) viewing a website’s content through a mobile device.

The need-to-know about mobile users:

  • They browse with intent
  • They’re less tolerant and speed is a big thing
  • If they can’t find what they’re looking for – they’re gone
  • They don’t care about technology – they’re only concern is finding what they are looking for


So how best to cater for these users and their growing needs?

Tips –

  • Design from the users’ perspective: what do they want, what will make them stay and convert. Think of the circumstances the user will want this site
  • Target your most popular devices: use analytics, mobile, devices. Pick top 5 or top 10.
  • Enhance user experience with mobile specific HTML. E.g. click to call, location services
  • Put usability first and put consumers’ requirements first. Then think about SEO; adaptive, responsive
  • Think like a consumer, not like the client. Don’t sell to the client, sell to the client’s consumer


More can be found on Optimising Your Website For Mobile Use in our recent blog.

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