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Why use Sitekit Content Management System (CMS)?

At Generate UK we like to continually research and investigate marketing and web based software.  Content Management has been a hot topic for quite a while now for companies looking to continually manage and develop their website.  What CMS should you use?  How much should I invest? What features should I look for?  We like to think that we have researched quite a few systems within the market place built using .net, php and other open source platforms and therefore can provide a good recommendation when choosing a CMS system. 

A good CMS system is not just about having all the bells and whistles as this is not necessarily going to always be the best option for your business. It boils down to your business needs vs. requirements vs. cost.  We believe that the investment in web technology, as with any business investment, must produce a strong financial return for the owner or otherwise we perceive it to be a bad investment.

The two key components to choosing a good CMS is usability and functionality, you must feel comfortable using the system and it must contain the functionality needed to operate your website.

There are many cheap and nasty CMS systems in the market place so be careful and request a full specification and a demonstration. is a good place to start as you read about different CMS and compare functionality against cost. Generally speaking you would expect to either pay a one off cost and a yearly maintenance fee or a yearly/monthly license fee. 

A good CMS should allow for: 

  • Non-technical users are able to manage the content of their site without the need for external specialists.
  • Low cost of support and continuous version upgrades.
  • The ability to manage your site from anywhere in the world.
  • Allow for excellent search engine listings.
  • Should satisfies all known international accessibility and compliance standards
  • Seamless integration into existing IT systems protecting previous investment.
  • Integration into other software applications such as e-commerce and e-booking systems to provide streamlined e-business.
  • Reducing costs in print and promotion.
  • The ability to generate sales leads through forms and download areas.
  • Rapid deployment of new designs and content

Established back in 1995, Sitekit has been at the forefront of web content management systems development in the UK.

The Sitekit software empowers website designers and website managers by removing the technical barriers to creativity, and delivering online excellence through technology, training , support and like with many technologies the older it gets the more reliable it becomes and far less buggy!

The Sitekit CMS is used by some very high profiled clients including the likes of BT, The Times and ADT and operates across a number markets including Health Care, Travel, Media and the Public Sector to name a few.

Sitekit has many features to its software which includes all of the above points of what you should look for in a quality CMS, plus many more.

Sitekit offer two license variants:

CMS Corporate
CMS Advanced

The main difference between the two licenses is that if you’re looking at publishing multi websites or portals with a different URL’s then the advanced option would be the option you need.  The corporate site comes with the same level of functionality however just one license for one website is. 

For a list of features go to

From a technical perspective the latest version of Sitekit CMS, version 8 requires; a .net application server; MSSQL database; Windows Server 2003 operating system; using programming languages, ASP,.NET, NET2 extendable via web services. 

I hope this posting has been useful for those looking for a feature rich, flexible and easy to use CMS.  

What do you think? Was this blog post useful? Please comment below or add to the debate. Please do not hesitate to contact Generate UK for more information and ideas about how to we can help you with content management systems.

POSTED ON January 6, 2009 BY Joe IN CMS