OnTrack are a leading, international people development consultancy, providing learning and development solutions to some of the most successful organisations across a range of industries.

Their blended learning offering helps customers overcome unique business challenges from performance management to leadership and talent pipelines.


OnTrack approached us in 2018 with a brief to redesign their identity and redevelop their website in line with an up-to-date proposition.

As a boutique company offering unique but leading solutions, their identity no longer reflected a proposition that had developed over time.

Considering this, our main goal was to support OnTrack through the process of transforming their identity without compromising their reputation and retaining their values.

By updating their messaging, visual identity and overall website design they hoped to increase brand awareness and have the tools to create engaging content in house moving forward. It was therefore our role to help them transform their identity and create the foundations of a campaign to ensure that they were no longer “the world’s best-kept secret”.


To truly transform their branding, we needed to create a brand strategy that encompassed everything ‘they wanted to be’ with the core of the existing identity.

The first step of this process was to produce and distribute a multi-stage survey to the company auditing internal brand perceptions and gaining insights into the companies they admire.

This gave us a good grounding of how OnTrack really felt about their current messaging and visual identity as well as what they hope to achieve with the new branding.

Several key stakeholder workshops followed to build on the knowledge we had gained from the survey. These provided us with more information about the company’s requirements as well as the areas they felt needed improvement.

From here, we were able to create a clear brand strategy focused on being a highly successful premium brand that delivered exceptional results and long-term partnerships.


By having a clear brand strategy, we had a strong compass to guide the creation of new spoken and visual identities through concept creation and development to sign off.

The new identity allowed us to design and launch a brand-new website which showcased the proposition and ethos.

We were also able to ensure stakeholders could produce content by producing in-depth brand guidelines. This covered messaging and design; from the tone of voice and personality to colour palettes and typography.

Developing an evolved mobile-friendly platform


CIC Wellbeing was founded in 1988 by Westminster Pastoral Foundation to provide support for the corporate side of charities. Since then they have grown to become a global company helping businesses and other groups to provide vital services for their employees; such as counselling, mental health support as well as advice in matters such as financial, legal and mediation. They also offer training for managers and offer EAPs (Employee Assistance Programmes).


One of CIC’s existing assets was Well Online, a platform originally created as a central hub for supporting literature and advice for employees on an array of matters from mental health to finances. This was then shared with CIC’s existing clients as a value-added service along with their EAPs. As the service evolved, and the requirements of Well Online changed, it became clear a new platform was needed.

In 2017, we helped CIC launch an updated and user-friendly Well Online platform that was mobile-friendly across all devices and could be scaled to any size of workforce. It also had the option of white labelling so the companies could add their own branding to the portal.

Originally, the portal was only created for one audience, employees. However, as the platform evolved and became more popular, a new challenge emerged for CiC with increased demand for CiC’s literature outside of this audience.

With ever-evolving mobile technology, the platform also required updated functionality to ensure it was accessible across any device. There was also a need for greater integration. Well Online was initially a standalone product (excluding the EAPs, CIC offered) and so companies could not integrate this platform into their own HR portals.  Overall, the new Well Online platform was fantastic for the needs of CiC in 2017, but with greater demand for its services, it was clear a new platform for would be needed to bring it up to date to achieve the organisation’s long-term commercial goals.


In 2020, we launched their brand new, updated Well Online platform that included different solutions:

  • Scalability: by changing the type of site, we were now able to horizontally and vertically scale the platform; giving CiC the option to refer to the users as members, teachers, employees, or anything that was required by the client.
  • Functionality: to accommodate increased mobile usage,  while keeping to CiC’s requirement of having it independent from app stores, we needed to create a Progressive Web App) This meant that it still had the functionality of an app; such as offline content, but it would be accessed via a mobile browser.
  • Integration: We usedan API (Application Programming Interface) in order to companies integrate Well Online with their HR tools or portals. The API acts as a third-party tool to link Well Online with other applications, as well as increases the opportunity to monetise.
  • Multilingual: The platform also now offers multilingual features for companies with non-native English speakers to build on their international presence.


By implementing all these features and options, Well Online is now a fully functional, integrated platform which is flexible, engaging and user-friendly.

We turned platform that was unsuitable to current business requirements, which struggled with engagement, into an accessible, flexible platform that can be used to support employees around the world.  It now has full scalability to not just employees but to other organisations wishing to add this to their benefits package.

Through the installation of an API to integrate the portal into any software we opened multiple opportunities for monetisation and reselling. We also implemented several technological upgrades meaning that CIC could continue to update the portal as and when it was needed.

We are proud to be able to help CIC with their wellbeing tool as we believe employee support and wellbeing to be a vital asset to any business. Being able to help CiC to develop their mobile-friendly platform, means supporting many organisations with their staff and members’ wellbeing.

Increasing Engagement Through Promotional And Educational Videos


Traffi is well known for being the original creators of the colour coded safety gloves (red, amber, and green for different safety ratings). They have since become a household name for big companies such as Network Rail and Balfour Beatty who entrust them to keep their worker’s hands protected.


Traffi wanted to start using videos to help promote their brand and product range, which is something they hadn’t explored before. They wanted to use this platform to not only promote the gloves but also as an educational tool to show consumers how they work and the benefits of the products.  They would be using these videos not only as a promotional piece but as part of their sales and marketing toolbox.

By utilising video in their marketing strategy, they wanted to increase their engagement rates and promote their product both on their website as well as at events.  


After a consultation period, we proposed creating 5 videos for the Traffi brand. The first was a promotional product video to entice the audiences with a showcase of features. These were produced in a studio with some mood lighting and some clever cuts and transitions in editing.

The remaining videos were all educational, in the format of ‘Toolbox Talks’ to help businesses understand how the gloves worked and what the benefits of them are. These were created using a presenter talking directly to the camera to make it personable, engaging and direct.

We coordinated the whole project from scouting out filming locations, planning out the script to the filming on the day and finally the editing.


The final series of videos helped to raise more awareness of the brand. They were educational for prospective clients and more importantly they now had a tool which could be used in sales and marketing for any future campaigns or events. This series of videos have given Traffi a good foundation and tool they can use and the ability to use a different medium to engage their clients more effectively

Increasing Brand Awareness
Through A New Corporate Video


Founded in 2006, Rugbytots is the number one rugby play programme in the world; supporting 40,000 children in 16 countries across 5 continents. In 2011, we created Rugbytots’ first corporate video, which they were delighted with – receiving over 140,000 views on YouTube, and thousands more on social media.

However, fast-forward five years and Rugbytots had undergone a rebrand, rendering the previous out of date, no longer showcasing the involvement of parents or the huge diversity of children that attend Rugbytots on a weekly basis.


Generate UK recognised that there was no need to ‘reinvent the wheel’, instead we utilised what had worked previously, incorporating the key elements that were absent. We worked closely with the Rugbytots team to understand which of the classes and venues would best demonstrate the diversity and involvement we were aiming to capture.

On location, we interviewed parents, children, coaches and franchisees. Our vision was, with enough footage, to able to create multiple videos for use on Rugbytots’ social channels.


We produced a modernised corporate video, inclusive of interviews, accurately capturing Rugbytots’ diversity and new branding. We also produced 8 social media videos, providing excellent value to the overall project.

The video continues to be shared and commented on, providing Rugbytots with increased brand awareness and many bookings to courses all over the country.

Generate UK improved awareness with the updated corporate video:


Views within the first week of going live on Rugbytots’ Facebook.


Views than the original corporate video achieved over 6 years.

“We chose to work with Generate UK for the second time after they produced an industry-leading video first time around. We couldn’t be more pleased with our new video, it represents perfectly what our company does and we have received incredible feedback from customers and franchisees alike.

Generate UK are a pleasure to work with: from concept to completion, their approach is accommodating, flexible and friendly. They’re highly skilled in what they do and their attention to detail is second to none. Finally, they’re always at the end of the phone to discuss new ideas, changes and challenges.

I couldn’t recommend working with them enough and they’ve had an extremely positive effect on our business in a number of ways.”

Max Webb, Managing Director – Rugbytots

Extensive Website Content: Improved UX for High Volume of Traffic

Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Logo


The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, awarded Generate UK a contract in 2012 to build a new website and accompanying intranet that would be used by a high volume of users with the aim of signposting them to a wide variety of information. The site was built to be a knowledge portal for doctors, patients and professionals.

As with any public services website, accessibility was key so we scoped the needs extensively to ensure that the end product was as inclusive as it was possible to be.

Generate UK worked hard to design and develop a solution, which met all of the complex needs of the NHS Trust and streamlined a website that had previously become a cumbersome tool.


Generate UK identified Sitekit as the most effective solution to partner with to build the website. They had many years experience in building public service websites so understood the variety of challenges involved and their CMS tool already powered a large number of NHS websites and intranets. Sitekit also had the benefit of its ease of use and its ability to deploy new pages with a WYSIWIG editor.

Security was incredibly important to the client and it was imperative that the intranet could be built on the same platform as the website to maintain consistency between the two.

After initial meetings to discuss the project and design requirements Generate UK developed initial wireframes and mock-ups, which were presented to the team at The Royal Berkshire NHS Trust for feedback.


Following sign off of the designs and wireframes, Generate UK began the website and intranet build. Extensive user testing meant that when the project went live it was in a position to be effective immediately for the vast volume of daily users.

Since the Go-Live date, The Royal Berkshire NHS Trust have become a client of Generate UK’s Support and Maintenance team meaning any issue or upgrade that the site has required has been dealt with quickly and efficiently over the last eight years.

How Our ‘Design for Print’ Services Helped Q Associates Generate Leads, Increase Web Traffic, and Boost Social Media Engagement


Q Associates is an award-winning, independent IT and services specialist, working with over 700 customers in the UK. Every year they run the UK Independent IT Survey to find out more about the core digital trends and new technologies set to shape the year ahead.

Reaching out to over 1000 IT professionals, Q Associates needed help transforming their latest IT Survey Results into a powerful lead-generating sales tool. 

The goal was to not only create a marketing collateral that reflects Q Associates’ professionalism and thought leadership, but also display the results in an engaging and clear way to their target audience of commercial and public sector organisations.

But the challenge was unique. Generate UK had designed the 2019 survey results, which received fantastic feedback from their sales staff and customers. Q Associates wanted the 2020 IT Survey results to ‘achieve the same impressive impact but visually be different’.

The 2020 refreshed version needed to be presented online but also be available as a print version for offline marketing.


Good communication with the client is key and we worked closely with Q Associates to redesign the 2020 IT Survey Results from scratch. This involved the sharing of creative ideas and concepts, and we provided a detailed visual of how the new design would work for both online and offline marketing. These conversations and sharing of design information gave Q Associates the confidence that their needs were understood, that the survey information would be presented clearly, and that the brand messaging would be on point. Our client’s brief to make the brochure ‘achieve the same impressive impact but visually be different from the last version’ was challenging, but Generate UK’s team of Creative

Specialists made this possible. This project was an excellent opportunity to showcase our versatile ‘design for print’ capabilities and we delivered it within a tight timeframe, much to our client’s delight. Everything came together quickly and easily thanks to clear communication lines and our long-standing business relationship with Q Associates.


Generate UK added a powerful sales tool in Q Associates’ business-building arsenal, and their sales staff are beyond excited to use it! 

The newly designed IT Survey Results brochure is now attached to emails, printed as hard copies for prospective and existing customers, highlighted in blog posts, shared on social media, and also repurposed to capture leads on their website.

This brochure has become an outstanding sales asset for Q Associates, as it helps them communicate confidently and sets them apart when meeting prospective clients.                        

Q Associates now enjoys highly qualified sales leads, increased website traffic, and social media engagement, thanks to our stunningly designed and printed brochure.

“Generate UK takes the time to understand our business needs and challenges and our account manager Lindsay Dier is excellent. With Generate UK’s specialist marketing knowledge, Q Associates benefit from the outstanding design, development, support, and services that help us achieve our marketing goal.
Karen Beal, Marketing Coordinator,
Q Associates Ltd

Record Number of Enquiries from PPC for Local Estate Agents


With branches in Newbury, Lambourn, Marlborough, Devizes and Didcot, Jones Robinson are one of the largest estate agents in Berkshire and the surrounding areas. With the high demand for properties in the local area, Paid Search is a vital channel for Jones Robinson to capture potential buyers and sellers.

Having worked with different providers in the past, Jones Robinson were not receiving the maximum return from their investment, and were looking for help to ensure their presence was felt within Google Search. They also required a strategic partner that would be proactive in working alongside the business to achieve its marketing goals.


To ensure that both Jones Robinson and Generate UK were aligned towards the same vision, the business’ marketing goals and objectives were clearly outlined from the beginning. With the firm’s objectives clearly communicated, Generate UK were provided the freedom to work towards achieving them.  

Generate UK restructured Jones Robinson’s Google Ads campaigns, ensuring that they were targeting customers at all stages of the house buying and selling process, with specific focus given to Jones Robinson’s branch locations.

Users that did not convert on the website were also re-targeted with Responsive Display Advertising, set up to show to key demographics and location sets.

The results from Generate UK’s Google Ads activity has been clearly communicated to Jones Robinson on a monthly basis through detailed reports and meetings.


Since launching the PPC new campaigns in June 2019, Jones Robinson have recorded continued improvements in number of enquiries from Paid Search. This has included a record number of enquiries via their website, which has helped increase the number of viewings and valuations, both of which have helped fuel their sales pipeline.

Sleek, Mobile-First Micro-Site: Improved UX and User Flow for National Sports Vendor


Toga Sports, a national supplier of sports clothing and equipment, approached Generate UK to plan and implement an end of season sale campaign and an accompanying micro-site which would be used to host campaign landing pages and discounted product lines. 

Generate UK only had three weeks to design and develop a solution which aligned with Toga Sports brand guidelines and season campaign deadline.

Before this project, Generate UK had already been conducting UX research which found that simplifying the purchase flow needed to be less complicated and mobile-friendly. This meant that Generate UK would be required to carefully plan the purchase flow from both a marketing and design/UX perspective moving forward.


In order to meet the requirements of the project, Generate UK decided that using Webflow to build and publish the micro-site would be the best solution.

After initial meetings to discuss the project and design requirements Generate UK developed initial wireframes and mock-ups, which were presented to Toga Sports for feedback. At the same time, we developed feature lists with the marketing team at Toga Sports and Generate UK to ensure that the finished project would meet all the requirements from a technical perspective.


Following design and feature reviews, Generate UK began building the microsite to include:

  • Product group/product line pages
  • Campaign landing pages
  • Marketing pop-ups
  • Micro-site navigation 

Following the design and development of the micro-site, Generate UK went on to work with Toga Sports to develop a record-breaking campaign, which resulted in over 500% ROI thanks to the Micro-site’s improved UX flow and carefully planned campaign strategy.

View the landing page >

Modern Campaign Micro-site for Leading Data Centre Service Company


Future-tech, a leading data centre service provider, required new landing pages created within a short deadline that were effective for marketing purposes, showcased the brand as a thought leader and provided a good user experience.

The landing pages needed to be designed and developed quickly and not only be able to utilise marketing tools, such as Google Analytics and HotJar, be able to personalise features too.

During the briefing process, Generate UK’s marketing team began to develop PPC campaigns for Future-tech that would utilise keyword insertion – this aspect of the project meant that the design would need to be responsive and mobile-friendly to accommodate those personalisation features.


Generate UK proposed Webflow as the primary development tool and accompanying CMS, which would allow both marketing teams at Future-tech and Generate UK to add, update and manipulate website content after it had been published.

Furthermore, a responsive design was imperative to ensure that detailed and lengthy content could be incorporated into the pages and remain readable across a wide range of device sizes and formats. It also allowed us to build pages with more user-friendly designs, lending themselves to more interaction to engage the user.


The landing pages were built and included features such as responsive forms, CTA’s and personalised page headings following the design feedback and feature list development.

The result yielded three landing pages which perfectly matched Future-tech’s digital branding. Thanks to Webflow’s built-in SEO tools, optimisation could easily be made to the page by both internal and external marketing teams along with any other on-page changes through the Webflow Editor.

View the landing page >

Dynamic Campaign Landing Pages for Leading Memory Solution Provider


Generate UK were tasked to create landing pages that perfectly matched Cardwave’s new digital branding and new website design. We needed to design a new landing page for Cardwave’s PPC campaign that featured personalised headings, conversion points such as CTA’s and contact forms.

Generate UK had a limited time scale available to design, build and publish the landing pages, therefore, it was decided that Webflow was the best solution. This would allow teams at Generate UK and Cardwave to utilise the simple CMS to update and change content on the page.


By combining Webflow’s designer and hosting services with personalisation tool from Google Optimise, Generate UK were able to create a landing page that was consistent with their brand and mobile-ready.

Page speed was essential for this project to ensure that PPC traffic reaching the site would not bounce due to long page load times, making Webflow an obvious choice as it lends itself to faster page speeds. Animations were utilised, to minimise the appearance of slow-loading content.


After go-live checks, the finished page was published using Webflow’s hosting service and the result was a dynamic landing page that featured clear call to actions and conversion points at the top of the page. Further to the page being published, visitor tracking and UX analysis tools were utilised for further page optimisations.

View the landing page >