Dynamic Campaign Landing Pages for Leading Memory Solution Provider


Generate UK were tasked to create landing pages that perfectly matched Cardwave’s new digital branding and new website design. We needed to design a new landing page for Cardwave’s PPC campaign that featured personalised headings, conversion points such as CTA’s and contact forms.

Generate UK had a limited time scale available to design, build and publish the landing pages, therefore, it was decided that Webflow was the best solution. This would allow teams at Generate UK and Cardwave to utilise the simple CMS to update and change content on the page.


By combining Webflow’s designer and hosting services with personalisation tool from Google Optimise, Generate UK were able to create a landing page that was consistent with their brand and mobile-ready.

Page speed was essential for this project to ensure that PPC traffic reaching the site would not bounce due to long page load times, making Webflow an obvious choice as it lends itself to faster page speeds. Animations were utilised, to minimise the appearance of slow-loading content.


After go-live checks, the finished page was published using Webflow’s hosting service and the result was a dynamic landing page that featured clear call to actions and conversion points at the top of the page. Further to the page being published, visitor tracking and UX analysis tools were utilised for further page optimisations.

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