Maximising Google Ads conversion rates for local Didcot estate agents


After delivering record numbers of enquiries from Google Ads for Jones Robinson, a member of The Jones Robinson Group and one of the largest independent estate agents in Berkshire and the surrounding areas; we were tasked with increasing visibility and enquiries, particularly among sellers, for its sister company – Church Robinson; a leading estate agent in Didcot.

Having not previously utilised Google Ads, Church Robinson required a strategic, trusted partner that would be proactive in managing and optimising campaigns to ensure that their marketing goals were achieved.


Before beginning campaign planning, we performed an extensive review of Jones Robinson’s existing Paid Search performance to draw insights that would be valuable in determining the appropriate solution for Church Robinson.

This was followed by extensive keyword research and analysis to assess the viability of running Google Ads campaigns within the Didcot area, as well as to better understand the levels of investment that will be required to achieve Church Robinson’s marketing objectives.

With a solid foundation of insight supporting our approach, we felt confident in delivering a campaign structure that would increase engagement and interactions with potential sellers in the Didcot area, and ensure Church Robinson would receive a substantial return from their marketing investment.

This took the form of a multi-touchpoint advertising approach that would target potential sellers at each point in their decision making process, from initial property value research through to looking for a local estate agent to deliver a valuation.

The results from Generate UK’s Google Ads activity has been clearly communicated to both Church Robinson and Jones Robinson on a monthly basis through detailed reports and meetings.


Since launching the ads we have recorded:


Click-Through Rate


Cost Per Conversion


Conversion Rate

Since launching their campaigns in the summer of 2020, Church Robinson have seen outstanding results from their Google Ads investment, recording an average of 100+ conversions a month, all within the Didcot area.

By targeting sellers at all stages in their decision making process, we have delivered an evergreen, multi-touchpoint campaign for Church Robinson that allows them to maximise their visibility within Didcot and its surrounding areas.

The key to this success was our commitment to clearly understanding Church Robinson’s target audience, as well as learning from Jones Robinson’s previous campaign performance, to create campaigns and advertising that would be engaging for sellers.