Engaging Audiences With An Explainer Animation


Feedback Ferret is one of the global leaders in Feedback Analysis, using text analytics to transform customer feedback comments into actionable insights. Website visitors are often quick to click, hesitant to read thick paragraphs of text. Though Feedback Ferret’s services aren’t particularly complex service, they were having trouble quickly communicating their core service to both website visitors and prospects.


Feedback Ferret needed to inform their audience exactly what they do, in order to retain audience attention. GUK wanted to create an asset that succinctly summarised Feedback Ferrets services without going into the core detail of ‘how’. After much discussion, we decided the solution was to create a high-impact, 60 second explainer animation with an additional Script and Voiceover, one catering to Feedback Ferret’s UK market and one to the US market.


Generate UK stepped up to the challenge and the feedback we received from the Ferrets was amazing! Feedback Ferret loved the characters in the animation so much that they implemented them across their website with the intention of making them core to their branding in the future.

“We love it to bits!.. It’s great to see the ferrets come to life and the text analysis engine and factory floor are creatively brilliant!

The team at Generate UK was very diligent throughout the whole process, in particular in the planning phase. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the woods for the trees but they helped us boil our core message down into a very clever 60 second video which is 100% on brand.

The project was approached, planned and executed in a professional manner at all times and completed on time and within the budget. Not only do we now have something which really helps people understand what we do, but we also have new creative assets to use on all our website and promotional materials. Great job done!”

Nicola Douglas, Marketing Manager – Feedback Ferret