2021 Guildford Visitor Guide Design

Guildford Borough Council appointed Generate UK to produce a high-quality guide in 2021 for the second consecutive year, to attract businesses to Guildford’s wide range of venues for meetings, conferences, weddings and other events.

Our priority was to update the previous guide that was produced by Generate UK with a high-level of creativity to reflect the quality of the venues while meeting the Council’s marketing objectives and delivery deadlines.

In last year’s guide, we included around twenty different venues, all with their unique branding, thus, the design and production process required great attention to detail and the successful managing of relationships with all participants. Due to the pandemic, a few of the venues showcased in 2020, unfortunately, needed to be removed, this meaning that the map section had to completely be updated.

As well as producing the design for the print version, Generate UK provided a flip page and downloadable versions for the Council’s website.


2021 Guildford Visitor Guide Design
2021 Guildford Visitor Guide Design
Guildford Visitor Guide Design

Generate UK have now been producing venue guides for Guildford Borough Council for over ten years, reflecting our client’s confidence in our ability to manage the process efficiently, on time and to budget, while refreshing the design year on year to keep it current to a consistently high standard.

As a result, we created an A5 document with 32 pages of text plus a 4-page cover. It’s printed on a silk stock and the cover is matt laminated. 14,000 copies were initially printed (with a view to a reprint later) as this guide is distributed all around Guildford, the surrounding areas and also to Western Europe.