Convention Bureau, one of the sites under the London & Partners umbrella, identified that their site copy was lacking in SEO optimisation. As they knew they would be redeveloping the website the following year, they wanted to optimise the site content within a timely manner to make the most of their remaining marketing budget and have the copy in a position where it was performing more effectively.


Generate UK set out to achieve this by providing extensive keyword research and optimising the meta data, alt tags and on-page copy on the site. Identifying and selecting the keywords proved to be very challenging as we needed to ensure the terms we recommended would be relevant to their target market from a business point of view. This was difficult given the nature of the site content and how many potential keywords could be searched for by consumers.


Our comprehensive approach enabled us to optimise the site effectively and we had great feedback throughout the process. Once all the changes were implemented, the client was able to see an increase in higher quality traffic to the site and an increase in leads from organic search.

Stats within 6 months


increase in number of landing pages clicked through from search

Significant increase in average session duration from organic traffic due to increased relevancy of users

Organic traffic contribution to the site traffic increased from a third to almost half of site traffic


Higher quality traffic to site including a 7% increase of leads from organic search

“We’ve been delighted with the approach Generate UK have taken and results this has generated. They thoroughly explored the different keyword options to make the targeting as effective as possible and we’ve seen a significant increase in quality traffic, which has had a positive impact on our leads via the site.”

Tamryn Schwegmann, Digital Marketing Manager, London & Partners