High-Conversion Landing Page for Largest Housing Association in South England


Following a previously successful campaign where Generate UK developed and implemented a strategy to increase SEO performance, Sovereign asked Generate UK to devise a new paid social media campaign to increase campaign conversions.

Due to Sovereign’s existing website CMS being complicated and technically delicate, Generate UK developed a campaign that did not include the use of Sovereign’s existing CMS and instead had to design a new solution that would allow for the agency to perform multiple iterations of UX and conversion rate optimisations.

A user-friendly and simple CMS would also be key to maximising campaign success so that both Generate UK and Sovereign would be able to collaborate easily in optimising page content.

The paid social campaign would be targeted to both mobile and desktop users, therefore, ensuring that the landing page was suited to both devices was essential. Furthermore, making sure that the page was easy to navigate was an aspect of the project that Generate UK felt was highly important due to poor user engagement across disruptive advertising channels such as social media.


Following previously successful Webflow campaigns, Generate UK decided to utilise the tool to build and manage Sovereign’s new campaign landing page.

Webflow’s range of visual development tools allowed Generate UK to design and develop the landing page in a fraction of the time that would have been required in a traditional development project.

The landing page and social media campaign would both utilise previously produced video assets, which alongside a web form would shape the main aspects of the campaign.


Following design reviews and initial campaign research both the paid advertising campaign and landing page were launched across social media channels in the South-West and South-East of England.

Due to Sovereign’s intricate existing CMS, Generate UK launched the new landing page across a subdomain using Webflow’s powerful hosting solution, which resulted in fast page speeds – perfect for social media campaigns.

Webflow’s built-in page editor meant that it was easy for both Generate UK and Sovereign’s marketing teams to collaborate on marketing copy and manage form conversions across the campaign.

The resulting landing page was a high-converting asset in the campaign and was optimised for both mobile and desktop devices.

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