Sleek, Mobile-First Micro-Site: Improved UX and User Flow for National Sports Vendor


Toga Sports, a national supplier of sports clothing and equipment, approached Generate UK to plan and implement an end of season sale campaign and an accompanying micro-site which would be used to host campaign landing pages and discounted product lines. 

Generate UK only had three weeks to design and develop a solution which aligned with Toga Sports brand guidelines and season campaign deadline.

Before this project, Generate UK had already been conducting UX research which found that simplifying the purchase flow needed to be less complicated and mobile-friendly. This meant that Generate UK would be required to carefully plan the purchase flow from both a marketing and design/UX perspective moving forward.


In order to meet the requirements of the project, Generate UK decided that using Webflow to build and publish the micro-site would be the best solution.

After initial meetings to discuss the project and design requirements Generate UK developed initial wireframes and mock-ups, which were presented to Toga Sports for feedback. At the same time, we developed feature lists with the marketing team at Toga Sports and Generate UK to ensure that the finished project would meet all the requirements from a technical perspective.


Following design and feature reviews, Generate UK began building the microsite to include:

  • Product group/product line pages
  • Campaign landing pages
  • Marketing pop-ups
  • Micro-site navigation 

Following the design and development of the micro-site, Generate UK went on to work with Toga Sports to develop a record-breaking campaign, which resulted in over 500% ROI thanks to the Micro-site’s improved UX flow and carefully planned campaign strategy.

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