Meet The Team: Stephanie Cottrell

Read on to find out more about one of our Senior Account Executives, Stephanie Cottrell. Discover her love of all things Spanish and her newfound passion for plants!


Here at Generate UK, we are a family. So, we wanted to start introducing our family members to you.

This is a new series where you will get to find out more about who we are as well as a few fun facts.

We have already introduced you to  Andrea Tallett, Patrick Hathaway and Melissa Dyson. Next up we want to introduce you to one of our amazing Senior Account Executives, Stephanie Cottrell.

Tell us a bit about what you do here at Generate UK

I am a Senior Account Executive and I have been working here for two and a half years.

I have my own accounts, but I also work with other clients supporting the team’s account managers.

I also take care of the case studies for Generate UK and social media. Sometimes I also get involved in proposals for my own clients or others. Basically, I do a bit of everything!

What made you want to get into marketing?

I studied Journalism at La Laguna University (Tenerife). I always liked writing but when I did my internships in Journalism, I found I really enjoyed the promotion side of it.

So, then I made a big change as I finished my Journalism degree and jumped into a digital marketing Masters degree. It was challenging at the beginning because I didn’t understand the terminology that my teachers were talking about, but once I got to grips with it, I really enjoyed it.

What do you like about your role?

I like that every day is different for me, so I never get bored.

For example, one day might be an admin day but another one might be in creative client meetings all day.

I also like the flexibility whilst we have been working from home, as I can balance my work and personal life easier. Also, I like how I can share my ideas with the team, and they will listen and talk through them.

What do you like most about working for Generate UK?

My colleagues are really cool, we are all similar ages and all get on really well. I think it’s a really good agency to work for, they offer flexibility, they are very understanding, and I feel comfortable in my role.

I have a good relationship with everyone, and I haven’t had any problems. Also, the company is very transparent so they will communicate everything in company updates. 

What’s your favourite marketing campaign you have seen?

One campaign I really enjoyed was Google launched their Get back to what you love campaign, showcasing all their user’s searches throughout lockdown – it’s really emotional marketing.

I actually nearly cried at the last one they did. So, I think Google campaigns are really powerful.

What’s a marketing trend which has caught your eye?

I would probably say the transition that LinkedIn has had in the past year. Before LinkedIn was used to promote the content of a site or a service. But now it is more like Facebook but for professionals and employees, so if you share your personal life more on here, you will have more likes.

This is a trend that we have been experiencing. If we add emotional messaging it is more successful than if we don’t.

If you could work on a campaign for any industry what would that be?

I like the events industry, so I would like to be involved in the organisation of an event from the beginning.

 So, organising the event, helping select the venue, then promoting the event. I think that would be great!

Have you found or started any new hobbies during lockdown?

Yes, so during lockdown I started enjoying plants a lot. *laughs*

Before, I didn’t care much about gardening, but then I moved house.

I was previously sharing a house, and I didn’t have my own space to decorate so I didn’t care about plants. But when I moved here, I became obsessed with them. I am buying plants all the time and decorating the house. I have a garden which I needed to start from scratch, I needed to do regrow the grass and everything.


So, I found that’s something I really enjoyed. I started growing strawberries and I have onions in my garden. So, I have become a bit of a gardener. My boyfriend said I need to stop buying plants, as I have a bit of a problem.

Another thing is that before lockdown, I didn’t have time or didn’t care about self-care such as doing face masks. I used to just go to work, finish work and do more things and I didn’t make time for myself. So, during lockdown I started taking care of myself more.

Any other hobbies?

I really like hiking, I enjoy going for long walks, discovering new places.  At least once per week, I like to discover a new place. I am also planning on buying a bike so I can go on longer journeys.

Favourite food?

Spanish food! I love Spanish food, tapas! So, my favourite food in the world is my mum’s ‘croquetas’, that’s croquettes. She makes a soup before from chicken, we call it ‘cocido’, so it’s a soup with chicken and lots of vegetables and from the leftovers, she does these amazing croquettes. Also, I am a big fan of my grandmother’s paella.

Favourite Drink?

I don’t like soft drinks, I only drink water and alcohol. My favourite alcoholic drink is mojitos. I love mojitos.

Favourite TV show?

I have lots of Spanish TV shows that I like. Since I was little, I also always loved watching the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, I could spend hours watching them and still do.

Favourite film?

My favourite film…. well, I love scary movies. Probably something like Insidious.

Favourite holiday destination?

The Canary Islands in general. I am from there and I am very proud to be from Tenerife. There are 8 islands in total, and you can enjoy whatever activity you like as each island has different things to do.

For example, there is National Park with a volcano that if you throw water into the ground you will be able to see fire. Another one, is like the Sahara with amazing dunes. Then if you want to have some snow and straight after, go to the beach, you can go to Tenerife.

There is plenty of things to do, it is really cheap, and the food is amazing. So yeah, for me the best destination is the Canary Islands, you need at least a week on each island.

Favourite animal?

My favourite animal is my dog, Luna. But my other favourite animal would be lions, I like lions. But yeah, Luna first, of course.


One last question, if you had a superhero power, what would it be and why?

I would like to fly. To be able to go wherever I want, lots of freedom, yeah, I think flying, for the power that gives you the most freedom in the world. To get to see things from another perspective as well.


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