Sleek, Mobile-First Micro-Site: Improved UX and User Flow for National Sports Vendor


Toga Sports, a national supplier of sports clothing and equipment, approached Generate UK to plan and implement an end of season sale campaign and an accompanying micro-site which would be used to host campaign landing pages and discounted product lines. 

Generate UK only had three weeks to design and develop a solution which aligned with Toga Sports brand guidelines and season campaign deadline.

Before this project, Generate UK had already been conducting UX research which found that simplifying the purchase flow needed to be less complicated and mobile-friendly. This meant that Generate UK would be required to carefully plan the purchase flow from both a marketing and design/UX perspective moving forward.


In order to meet the requirements of the project, Generate UK decided that using Webflow to build and publish the micro-site would be the best solution.

After initial meetings to discuss the project and design requirements Generate UK developed initial wireframes and mock-ups, which were presented to Toga Sports for feedback. At the same time, we developed feature lists with the marketing team at Toga Sports and Generate UK to ensure that the finished project would meet all the requirements from a technical perspective.


Following design and feature reviews, Generate UK began building the microsite to include:

  • Product group/product line pages
  • Campaign landing pages
  • Marketing pop-ups
  • Micro-site navigation 

Following the design and development of the micro-site, Generate UK went on to work with Toga Sports to develop a record-breaking campaign, which resulted in over 500% ROI thanks to the Micro-site’s improved UX flow and carefully planned campaign strategy.

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Modern Campaign Micro-site for Leading Data Centre Service Company


Future-tech, a leading data centre service provider, required new landing pages created within a short deadline that were effective for marketing purposes, showcased the brand as a thought leader and provided a good user experience.

The landing pages needed to be designed and developed quickly and not only be able to utilise marketing tools, such as Google Analytics and HotJar, be able to personalise features too.

During the briefing process, Generate UK’s marketing team began to develop PPC campaigns for Future-tech that would utilise keyword insertion – this aspect of the project meant that the design would need to be responsive and mobile-friendly to accommodate those personalisation features.


Generate UK proposed Webflow as the primary development tool and accompanying CMS, which would allow both marketing teams at Future-tech and Generate UK to add, update and manipulate website content after it had been published.

Furthermore, a responsive design was imperative to ensure that detailed and lengthy content could be incorporated into the pages and remain readable across a wide range of device sizes and formats. It also allowed us to build pages with more user-friendly designs, lending themselves to more interaction to engage the user.


The landing pages were built and included features such as responsive forms, CTA’s and personalised page headings following the design feedback and feature list development.

The result yielded three landing pages which perfectly matched Future-tech’s digital branding. Thanks to Webflow’s built-in SEO tools, optimisation could easily be made to the page by both internal and external marketing teams along with any other on-page changes through the Webflow Editor.

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Dynamic Campaign Landing Pages for Leading Memory Solution Provider


Generate UK were tasked to create landing pages that perfectly matched Cardwave’s new digital branding and new website design. We needed to design a new landing page for Cardwave’s PPC campaign that featured personalised headings, conversion points such as CTA’s and contact forms.

Generate UK had a limited time scale available to design, build and publish the landing pages, therefore, it was decided that Webflow was the best solution. This would allow teams at Generate UK and Cardwave to utilise the simple CMS to update and change content on the page.


By combining Webflow’s designer and hosting services with personalisation tool from Google Optimise, Generate UK were able to create a landing page that was consistent with their brand and mobile-ready.

Page speed was essential for this project to ensure that PPC traffic reaching the site would not bounce due to long page load times, making Webflow an obvious choice as it lends itself to faster page speeds. Animations were utilised, to minimise the appearance of slow-loading content.


After go-live checks, the finished page was published using Webflow’s hosting service and the result was a dynamic landing page that featured clear call to actions and conversion points at the top of the page. Further to the page being published, visitor tracking and UX analysis tools were utilised for further page optimisations.

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Interactive Landing Page for a Luxury Piano Brand


Generate UK were tasked by Edelweiss Pianos to create a landing page for their Christmas 2019 “Give the Gift of Live Music” campaign.

Following creative direction from Edelweiss Pianos, Generate UK began to design a landing page that would match their recently refreshed digital branding and website, whilst also being interactive and engaging.

In order for the landing page to be effective within the Christmas PPC campaign, clear call to actions and areas of interaction would be vital to ensuring project success. The landing page needed to show a range of different customisable pianos, whilst also showing the elegance and uniqueness of their products without the page becoming cluttered.


Generate UK decided that the best solution for this campaign landing page would be to utilise Webflow’s extensive range of development tools. This would allow for fast project turn-around times whilst also being able to add interactive elements and easily monitor marketing success with the integration of user tracking and analysis tools.

A range of product and campaign assets, including professionally shot photographs of the Edelweiss Piano range, would also be used across the landing page alongside an expertly filmed and edited brand awareness video.


Following user-flow and design specifications, Generate UK developed an interactive and on-brand landing page that met all aspects of the creative brief. Thanks to the ability to easily manipulate page elements visually, the final landing page matched Edelweiss’ existing website format.

Managing marketing activities on the landing page was highly successful due to the easy-to-use page editor and CMS. Integrating third-party tools like Mailchimp and customer relationship management software also worked extremely well thanks to Zapier API integrations.

User tracking and analysis tools enabled Generate UK to carry out several interactions of UX optimisations. Webflow’s powerful hosting solution meant that load times remained quick – which is imperative for PPC campaigns such as this one.

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High-Conversion Landing Page for Largest Housing Association in South England


Following a previously successful campaign where Generate UK developed and implemented a strategy to increase SEO performance, Sovereign asked Generate UK to devise a new paid social media campaign to increase campaign conversions.

Due to Sovereign’s existing website CMS being complicated and technically delicate, Generate UK developed a campaign that did not include the use of Sovereign’s existing CMS and instead had to design a new solution that would allow for the agency to perform multiple iterations of UX and conversion rate optimisations.

A user-friendly and simple CMS would also be key to maximising campaign success so that both Generate UK and Sovereign would be able to collaborate easily in optimising page content.

The paid social campaign would be targeted to both mobile and desktop users, therefore, ensuring that the landing page was suited to both devices was essential. Furthermore, making sure that the page was easy to navigate was an aspect of the project that Generate UK felt was highly important due to poor user engagement across disruptive advertising channels such as social media.


Following previously successful Webflow campaigns, Generate UK decided to utilise the tool to build and manage Sovereign’s new campaign landing page.

Webflow’s range of visual development tools allowed Generate UK to design and develop the landing page in a fraction of the time that would have been required in a traditional development project.

The landing page and social media campaign would both utilise previously produced video assets, which alongside a web form would shape the main aspects of the campaign.


Following design reviews and initial campaign research both the paid advertising campaign and landing page were launched across social media channels in the South-West and South-East of England.

Due to Sovereign’s intricate existing CMS, Generate UK launched the new landing page across a subdomain using Webflow’s powerful hosting solution, which resulted in fast page speeds – perfect for social media campaigns.

Webflow’s built-in page editor meant that it was easy for both Generate UK and Sovereign’s marketing teams to collaborate on marketing copy and manage form conversions across the campaign.

The resulting landing page was a high-converting asset in the campaign and was optimised for both mobile and desktop devices.

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Increasing Website Traffic
& Conversion Rate


Having been in business for over 25 years, Gamewatchers Safaris is one of the longest established safari companies based in East Africa. Gamewatchers wanted to drive more traffic to the website and generate more interest and enquires in their Porini Camps and Kenya safaris.



Generate UK devised a PPC strategy to actively promote the Porini Camps and Kenya safaris on offer and set up and managed pay-per-click (PPC) ads for Gamewatchers from May 2016. We also designed and built new PPC optimised landing pages, specifically for this purpose. The advertising is regularly optimised based on performance.


Our optimised PPC ads were a great generator of both traffic and enquiries. As a result of Generate UK’s strategic approach to managing Gamewatchers’ PPC, Gamewatchers received almost double the amount of enquiries that they had initially aimed for. We continue to manage and optimise Gamewatchers PPC; our client has been so impressed with their increase in conversions and ROI, that they have increased their advertising budget with Generate UK as we continue to consider additional advertising solutions.

Generate UK have improved the efficiency of the PPC:


Conversion target reached


CTR 10% on most valuable ads


Average position in competitive landscape

Creating an online community via social media


Acer is a well-known, global hardware and electronics corporation. During the 2012 Olympics, Generate UK were asked to create an online community using social media. We focused on Facebook, but also leveraged Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


Generate UK devised a social media strategy which incorporated the implementation of sports-based social media posts and applications (e.g. Spot the Ball and We Love Sport competitions). By encouraging the online community to take part in fun, social media activities, Generate UK generated great engagement and positive feedback across all social media platforms.


On behalf of Acer, Generate UK created a thriving, active community which has continued to grow. Acer’s brand personality and already high brand awareness has been enhanced by our active social media management and popular posts that have been liked, shared and commented on.

Creating marketing assets that resonate


OTS Solicitors are a respectable law firm specialising in UK immigration and marketing assets were required to help promote their business at meetings and events. At this point, they had not identified the most effective assets for their brand, but following a successful branding project, OTS knew they wanted to incorporate the new logo within these assets to provide consistency across the brand and portray a sense of contemporary professionalism, reflective of OTS itself.


Generate UK worked closely with OTS to establish the most important marketing assets and what would be most effective in connecting with their customers. We created a broad corporate stationery set including; business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, presentation folders, legal corners, and brochures. In addition to this we also created a suite of engaging and informative videos that were integrated across the various marketing channels that OTS operate. All assets utilised the new branding and Generate UK provided creative consultancy and implementation to maximise their value and marketing potential.


All assets carry the new branding and have been exceptionally well received at client meetings and corporate events, prompting enquires from new clients. Having physical printed products has really helped OTS leave the professional impression they were striving for, and it has enabled them to create relevant and engaging content that resonates with both their current and future customers. Take a look to see how you can benefit from our print or video services too.



Convention Bureau, one of the sites under the London & Partners umbrella, identified that their site copy was lacking in SEO optimisation. As they knew they would be redeveloping the website the following year, they wanted to optimise the site content within a timely manner to make the most of their remaining marketing budget and have the copy in a position where it was performing more effectively.


Generate UK set out to achieve this by providing extensive keyword research and optimising the meta data, alt tags and on-page copy on the site. Identifying and selecting the keywords proved to be very challenging as we needed to ensure the terms we recommended would be relevant to their target market from a business point of view. This was difficult given the nature of the site content and how many potential keywords could be searched for by consumers.


Our comprehensive approach enabled us to optimise the site effectively and we had great feedback throughout the process. Once all the changes were implemented, the client was able to see an increase in higher quality traffic to the site and an increase in leads from organic search.

Stats within 6 months


increase in number of landing pages clicked through from search

Significant increase in average session duration from organic traffic due to increased relevancy of users

Organic traffic contribution to the site traffic increased from a third to almost half of site traffic


Higher quality traffic to site including a 7% increase of leads from organic search

“We’ve been delighted with the approach Generate UK have taken and results this has generated. They thoroughly explored the different keyword options to make the targeting as effective as possible and we’ve seen a significant increase in quality traffic, which has had a positive impact on our leads via the site.”

Tamryn Schwegmann, Digital Marketing Manager, London & Partners