Record Number of Enquiries from PPC for Local Estate Agents


With branches in Newbury, Lambourn, Marlborough, Devizes and Didcot, Jones Robinson are one of the largest estate agents in Berkshire and the surrounding areas. With the high demand for properties in the local area, Paid Search is a vital channel for Jones Robinson to capture potential buyers and sellers.

Having worked with different providers in the past, Jones Robinson were not receiving the maximum return from their investment, and were looking for help to ensure their presence was felt within Google Search. They also required a strategic partner that would be proactive in working alongside the business to achieve its marketing goals.


To ensure that both Jones Robinson and Generate UK were aligned towards the same vision, the business’ marketing goals and objectives were clearly outlined from the beginning. With the firm’s objectives clearly communicated, Generate UK were provided the freedom to work towards achieving them.  

Generate UK restructured Jones Robinson’s Google Ads campaigns, ensuring that they were targeting customers at all stages of the house buying and selling process, with specific focus given to Jones Robinson’s branch locations.

Users that did not convert on the website were also re-targeted with Responsive Display Advertising, set up to show to key demographics and location sets.

The results from Generate UK’s Google Ads activity has been clearly communicated to Jones Robinson on a monthly basis through detailed reports and meetings.


Since launching the PPC new campaigns in June 2019, Jones Robinson have recorded continued improvements in number of enquiries from Paid Search. This has included a record number of enquiries via their website, which has helped increase the number of viewings and valuations, both of which have helped fuel their sales pipeline.

Increasing Market Share &
Online Orders Through A Conversion Optimised Website


Easy2name is a leading online retailer for over ten years selling labels and stickers for school items, clothing and many more. Easy2name wanted to increase market share, inbound traffic and continue its success whilst developing a new website, improving the user experience, adding new products and targeting different market sectors.

Easy2Name Mobile Conversion


The updated site pages improved usability and ease of purchase. which attracted new market sectors including residential homes and the travel market. This has lead to an active social community too. Our client has seen a year on year increase in orders of over 10% from a site that already performed exceptionally well and has enabled them to grow their business.

Easy2Name Case Study



Increase in daily traffic


increase in transactions from search


increase in revenue


increase in average duration on the site from users who came through search

“Generate UK has supported us from the beginning. Helping to bring my idea to life, the team has helped me to better understand my customers so I can improve their experience throughout their buying journey. Furthermore, they have optimised my website to account for changing customer behaviours, seasonal demand, and improved its visibility on search engines.

I had the vision for Easy2name, but Generate UK helped make it all happen. Now I have a robust website that’s agile and can adapt quickly to changing market conditions, which keeps the business competitive. The site boasts impressive SEO, ranks number one for valuable search terms and overall sales have increased by 10%.”

Melanie King, Owner – Easy2name

Increasing Search Engine
Visability& User Engagement

Sovereign, the largest housing association in the south and south west of England, wanted to increase the number of unique visitors to its website and improve the rankings of the brand term to a number one position.


Working within the constraints of the organisation’s existing website, we advised Sovereign on improving the site’s organic visibility and presence across search engines, through content changes and improvements to regional office profiles.
A key element of our strategy was the development of a blog which would aid the positioning of the organisation as a thought leader. The blog, built using WordPress CMS platform making it easy to use, was launched to coincide with a speech by the author at a major housing conference. As well as creating strong Twitter interest, the content was picked up by industry magazine Inside Housing and then by The Guardian newspaper.



The website already included good quality content, but our SEO strategy increased its effectiveness and resulted in far greater engagement with users. The brand term ‘Sovereign’ now achieves the number 1 spot in the search engines and we continue to work with Sovereign’s digital marketing team to continually improve rankings and advising on its forthcoming re-brand/website and internal infrastructure review.