This Month in Marketing: December 2020

Each month we dive into the internet for the latest marketing news and insight to keep you on top of what you need to know in the industry.

We’ve made it to 2021! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas even if it is wasn’t exactly the one you wanted.

December was another month of lockdowns, tier changes and last-minute amends to Christmas plans. But, what’s been happening in the marketing world?

We’re here to present to you the marketing news that you may have missed for December 2020.

Google announces top searches for the year

Regardless of whether you’re a marketer or not, Google’s top searches are always something to have a nose over, giving us insight into what everyone has been searching for over the past 12 months, and what this means for targeting and content requirements.

Google’s 2020 search results were pretty much exactly as we would have predicted. COVID-19 related terms took 3 of the top 5 results that also included the election and the unfortunate passing of Kobe Bryant.

Other areas were very much based on DIY and at-home event search results, unsurprising with most of us stuck in our homes more than usual!

In case you were wondering, “why were chainsaws invented” was a meme which has been floating round the internet in recent months. If you haven’t googled it, do it, you will be suitably surprised and probably shocked by the answer.

The return of Twitter’s blue tick

Yes, you heard it right, after putting a pause on this back in 2017, Twitter’s verified ticks are being brought back this year. However, watch out as the existing blue ticks are set to disappear due to new account authorisation measures that are being brought in.

Whilst coming under fire in recent years, for who should and should not be verified, the blue tick remains a great way for users to know who the real deal is, helping to avoid rising levels of false information that has become more prevalent across all social media platforms.

Vaccine news revives consumer confidence

Since the news of the vaccine rollout for COVID-19 was announced, we have seen an increase in consumer confidence.

According to the latest Consumer Confidence Barometer, which was carried out in the first half of December, there has been an increase by 7 points in public positivity.

This is great news as the previous few months of the year only saw decreases as cases rose and businesses were closed after tier changes.

Fingers crossed this keeps on climbing to help towards stabilising the economy!

B2B WorldFest

B2B WorldFest brought together some of the biggest and brightest names in the B2B industry for some useful insight.

The Drum has provided a handy top five key takeaways from this event to help all B2B marketers, including:

  • The importance of agility
  • The need for consistency
  • Why brands should be more proactive in enacting change
  • Remember that professionals are human beings first

This is a great article to read to inspire and push you to achieving your business goals this year.

Burger King supports local restaurants during lockdown

©Burger King

Yes you heard it correctly, fast food chain, Burger King stepped up to the plate on Instagram to help support local restaurants.

This was a surprising yet encouraging moment as it shows their compassion for the hospitality and food industry, which has been suffering for the majority of 2020.

In a simple, humble post, Burger King showed their community spirit and used their platform to help others not just themselves.

So, there you have it, the last monthly round up of the year and we think it was a good one. A summary of compassion, confidence increase and some great facts from the year according to Google.

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