This Month in Marketing: January 2021

Each month we dive into the internet for the latest marketing news and insight to keep you on top of what you need to know in the industry.


Welcome to the first monthly round up of 2021!

We may still be in lockdown, and things are all looking a bit bleak, but there is plenty to feel positive about; the vaccine is being distributed out for COVID-19, we have a more stable presence in the White House, it’s a New Year!

In the world of marketing there also been plenty of interesting things happening, so without further ado here is This Month in Marketing: January 2021 edition.

Google vs Australia


Yes, you heard it right.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) are currently locked in battle with Google opposition due to the introduction of a new directive down under that requires the search engine giant to negotiate on how to pay news media for use of their content, as well as a need to advise said organisations in advance of algorithm changes and favour original source news contents on SERPs.

The result of this? Well, Google aren’t happy. Google has blocked Australian news sites from its search results for approximately 1% of their local users. They have stated this is as an experiment to test the true value of Australian local news services. This new directive will also affect Facebook when it has been brought into effect.

Google praises digital PR

Google on Tablet 

Ever wondered the value in digital PR for your SEO activities? For some, digital PR is a dirty word, but for others it’s a vital cog in their search engine marketing mechanisms. Google’s own, John Mueller has taken to Search Engine Journal to compliment the use of digital PR and even going so far as stating it could be more critical than Technical SEO.

Digital PR has been a term which has been used widely for many years to describe the act of building awareness and popularity which covers a lot of different aspects and can help improve your brand awareness amongst other aspects of your business.

If you’ve not considered digital PR as part your online marketing strategy, we recommend its time you start.

Lockdown causing Consumer confidence to decrease again


It feels like we are stuck in a yo-yo when it comes to consumer confidence.

Only last month in our December monthly round up we were stating consumer confidence was on the rise after news of the vaccine dropped.

Now, over a month into our 3rd lockdown, consumer confidence is once again dropping. To be precise it has dropped by 2 points. Therefore, this has not counteracted last month’s increase by 7 points. This could just be a temporary blip due to lockdown or it could be the sign of something more serious, only time will tell.

Golden tickets up for grabs for marketers on furlough or unemployed


In true Willy Wonka style, The Marketing Academy have 1,000 golden tickets up for grabs. The prize? Access to their online learning platform for free which will contain workshops, masterclasses and lectures aimed at improving marketing skills as well as helping to develop people in media and advertising.

This is open to anyone who is based in the UK, Australia or US who worked in marketing before the pandemic and have either been made redundant, placed on furlough, or are working on a freelance basis. These are on a first come first served basis so don’t delay in applying if you are eligible.

Terms update causes WhatsApp to lose millions of users


Due to a poorly worded change in terms and conditions, global chat app, WhatsApp, lost millions of users in January to other apps including Signal and Telegram.

Since the mass exodus, WhatsApp has delayed the changes to terms which were due to be launched on 8th February so that they can run damage limitation and explain clearly what the new terms mean for consumers. The confusion in the terms meant that millions of users believed that from February, WhatsApp could read their messages and pass on any information to their sister companies including, Facebook.

There are no changes to our data sharing with Facebook, anywhere in world” says WhatsApp Director of Public Policy for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Term updates have now been postponed until May to give users a chance to understand the changes and perhaps to give WhatsApp time to create clearer messaging.

So, there we have it, the first round up of 2021. A mixed bag this time from unclear messaging to lockdown causing chaos for consumer’s financial outlook. But let us not forget the good, that we are still seeing companies showing their support for those struggling through this.

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