This Month in Marketing: June 2021

Each month we dive into the internet for the latest marketing news and insight to keep you on top of what you need to know in the industry.

We have made it to the halfway point of the year and things are looking up.

Restrictions may not have been fully lifted due to the Delta variant; but the vaccine is continuing to be rolled out and the marketing world is getting busier.

So, without further ado let’s dive into the monthly round up for June 2021.

Google’s Page Experience signal is here!

It has been a long time coming since its initial announcement back in November 2020 but Google has announced  has been reported that their Page Experience update has started to be rolled out.

However, it won’t be fully rolled out until end of August, so you still have time to catch up on Core Web Vitals and what they mean for your website.

Amazon retains title of most valuable brand in the world

Kantar BrandZ has once again released their world top 100 most valuable brands and Amazon is still the most valuable brand for the third year running. No surprises here considering the lockdown lead to millions of consumers flocking online for their goods.

In fact, they have seen a staggering 64% increase in value to now be worth $683.9bn. Apple also remained in 2nd place and this year Google has knocked Microsoft off 3rd place. Will anyone ever become valuable than Amazon, only time will tell.

ASA exposes influencers breaching rules

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) have launched a new website to expose Instagram influencers in a bid to crack down on breaches. ASA will be naming and shaming any Instagram influencer who doesn’t properly disclose advertising.

The regulatory body notified brands and influencers back in March of their intentions to do this. They gave many different social influencers warnings and notice to give them a chance to adhere to the rules.

However, it seems many didn’t take heed as 4 have already been named and shamed. All those named on the site will remain there for 3 months with continual monitoring and spot checks. If they are still breaching rules, they could have their posts removed from social platforms and potential fines. But if used properly influencers can be great for your business.

Read our post on why you should include influencer marketing in your strategy to find out more.

YouTube ad creation simplified for SMBs

Google have made ad creation on YouTube simpler for SMBs by launching an easier workflow. Previously, users had to access Google Ads console to upload advertisements for YouTube. For smaller companies this could have been daunting.

All they need to do now is access this new workflow, upload a video, select the audience they want to reach and designate a budget. This update is available worldwide on both mobile and desktop.

Ex-BrewDog employees unleash frustrations

Former employees of BrewDog have penned an open letter lashing out at the brewery. They go on to state they had been treated badly and that a “culture of fear” was created by managers, amongst many other allegations.

This is a classic example of a brand not leading by example. When it comes to your marketing strategy and brand identity, if you want to succeed, you need to practice what you preach.

This is especially important if personal branding is part of your strategy, something BrewDog’s CEO – James Watt – has found out the hard way. If a company is seen to promote one trait or value but not adhere to it, this will only have a negative repercussion and could damage brand reputation and loyalty indefinitely.


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