This Month in Marketing: March 2021

Each month we dive into the internet for the latest marketing news and insight to keep you on top of what you need to know in the industry. Discover March 2021’s This Month in Marketing

What a month March has been. We have seen schools open again, restrictions are starting to be lifted and spring is has very nearly sprung!

We also marked the anniversary of the first lockdown in the UK back on 23rd March which was both a sombre occasion, as we remember those who have lost their lives to the pandemic.

However, it has also been a moment of reflection to how far we have come in the combat against COVID-19. However, how about the marketing world?

Without further ado, we present March 2021’s This Month in Marketing round up of what’s been happening.

The results are in, the top ad spender of 2020 is…. not who you expect it to be

It’s that time of year again, Nielsen have posted their rankings for the top 10 ad spenders for 2020 and this one is very different to the normal competition we see.

Usually you would see the likes of Sky or Unilever topping the charts with their ad spend. However, this year that accolade goes to none other than our government.

The UK government increased its advertising spend by a massive 238% compared to 2019 which isn’t too surprising in the wake of the pandemic. 

This spend pushed Unilever off the top spot even though it increased their ad spending by an estimated 76%. Even Public Health England appeared in the top 10 this year with their increase in expenditure amounting to a whopping 796% more.

A further boost for consumer confidence as spending increases

It wouldn’t be a monthly round up without our update on GfK’s Consumer Confidence Index and we are happy to say once again we have seen the index increase. It shows that consumers are feeling more optimistic about the future and their economic situation.

Considering our advancements in the vaccine rollout and the start of lifting restrictions this comes as no surprise. Fingers crossed this continues to increase in April and beyond.

Twitter testing tweets for a new update

Social platform, Twitter has announced they will be conducting tests on their tweets to enable easier integration of images and videos into their tweets.

This is a big move by Twitter and could open up the platform to many more marketing opportunities if this is a success.

The testing being conducted is to allow YouTube videos to be integrated easier as well as the capability of 4k photos being uploaded amongst other features. Could Twitter become the next big advertising platform? Watch this space.

Google’s being sued… again

The search engine giant, Google is back in the news once again, and not for good reasons. Google is facing a $5 billion lawsuit. They have been accused of collecting data and recording user’s web history through Chrome’s Incognito mode.

This mode fames itself on being a private browsing mode in which other users of the device can’t see your history as it isn’t recorded. If these allegations are true, this could be devastating to Google’s reputation.

Facebook update helps reduce negativity on platform

Facebook’s new update being rolled out is aimed at stopping to the spread of harmful content. They will be doing this by limiting the reach of certain groups and individuals who are known for hate speech and misinformation.

This is of course, a positive move for the social platform; however this may mean a change to algorithms once again so make sure you stay on top of this and watch out for any changes in your advertising reach.

Google Play to reduce fees for app developers

When it comes to marketing, mobile apps can be a great investment to help drive traffic. With more users accessing sites via mobile devices, creating an application for your platform is a logical next move, and even more so now.

Google Play has announced they will be reducing their fees for apps by taking a 15% cut from the first $1m (£720,000) in sales each year from the app and any goods sold through this. For many smaller businesses who don’t make this much, this will mean a reduction in fees of up to 50%, making it the perfect time to invest in the world of mobile applications.

So there we have it, another mixed bag for March. However, there appears to be light in the tunnel. With potential marketing avenues being opened up on Twitter and fees being cut by Google Play, opportunities are on the rise.

Fingers crossed we receive more good news from the marketing industry in April, and that consumer confidence continues to grow.

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