This Month in Marketing: November 2020

Each month we dive into the internet for the latest marketing news and insight to keep you on top of what you need to know in the industry.


We have almost made it. Christmas is just around the corner and 2020 is coming to an end.

Welcome to the next in our series of This Month in Marketing. If you have just joined us, each month, we will be collating the top news from around the marketing world. Our aim is to give you some insight into the current situation of the sector as well as provide you with some important developments and updates, to help your marketing strategy.

So, without further ado here are our top stories for November.

New YouTube advertising clauses bad for smaller streamers


YouTube has recently released their updated terms and conditions and these new rules could negatively affect the smaller YouTubers. Why, you ask? Now YouTube has stated they can apply adverts to any channel without having the user’s permission.

However, the main issue is that many YouTubers won’t receive the monetisation for this.

The only way you can gain money from advertisements is through their partner programmes. But, the eligibility requirements for this is high as you need over 1000 subscribers and over 4000 public watch hours for your channel to be considered.

This leaves a lot of YouTubers in the dust and will surely create some tension within the community.

Market research continues its decline due to COVID


According to the recent IPA Bellwether report, they are seeing a further decline in companies using market research. During COVID-19 this has been a consistent decline and although we have seen the numbers dwindling slowly down in previous years, 2020 has seen a landslide decrease.

We passionately believe that market research is an important part of any company. It gives you a full picture of your target audience from their behaviours to how they interact.

Without this vital information marketing campaigns may struggle as it will be harder to focus on your target market. It may be seen as a non-essential asset, but we completely disagree as it can create higher returns and a much better conversion rate.

Instagram implements keyword search


Ok, enough bad news, this is really great news for marketers who are currently using or considering using Instagram in their campaigns.

Recently, the social media platform has announced the implementation of keyword search. This means you can see how popular certain hashtags are so that your posts can be as effective as possible.

The keyword search will show you how many people have used this hashtag recently and you can even see posts that used these keywords to help you decide if this is relevant to you.

This will be a key tool for anyone who uses Instagram and will surely help increase engagement and exposure no end.

Should you have multiple domains for one site?


This is a very interesting article from SearchEngine Journal as it answers an all important question, should you have multiple domains pointing at one site and what does it mean for SEO purposes?

The article discusses what it means to have more than one domain linked to your site and what the implications of this is are. If you are considering having more than one domain or if you already do, we recommend reading this to help you decide whether this is right for you.

Christmas cheer as Sainsbury’s supporters rally against racism

You may have seen the new Sainsbury’s Christmas advert entitled “Gravy Song” which depicts a family eating Christmas dinner. This has caused a surge of racist comments as it is showing a black family.

This advert is part of a series of Christmas adverts featuring three different families celebrating.  But a select audience have been stating they can’t relate to this particular family setting due to their skin colour.

However, fear not, Sainsbury’s supporters are pushing back against the hate and rallying against the racist comments. They have been reaching out on Twitter to push down the anger and override it with love, laughter, and compassion.  

Some supporters are making spoofs to counteract the racial comments, some are pointing out that other companies have been using carrots (Aldi) and blue aliens (Argos) to depict Christmas which most people certainly can’t relate to.

Finally, others are simply bringing back the true meaning of Christmas with compassion and responding sincerely in support of Sainsburys.

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