Increasing Website Traffic
& Enquires Through SEO


Leading provider of high quality, personalised name labels, Easy2name, were keen to increase market share, inbound traffic and continue its success whilst developing a new website, improving the user experience, adding new products and targeting different market sectors.


The updated site pages attracted new market sectors including residential homes and the travel market. The updated pages have improved usability and ease of purchase. An active social community has been built. Our client has seen a year on year increase in orders of over 10% from a site that already performed exceptionally well and has enabled them to grow their business.


As a result of Generate UK’s SEO strategy, Easy2name saw an increase in organic traffic – namely new visitors – to the site. The updated site pages attracted new market sectors and improved visibility, as well as ease of purchase. This has resulted in an increase of over 10% in online orders and has enabled Easy2name to successfully grow their business.

Generate UK have improved the efficiency of the SEO:


increase in new visitors


increase in orders


Increase page views on blog pages