Increasing Brand Awareness and
Traffic through SEO Optimisation


Leading specialists in UV disinfection and water treatment, UVO3, recognised that their site copy was lacking in SEO optimisation and wanted to increase their search engine keyword rankings, brand awareness and traffic to their website.


Generate UK set out to achieve this by providing an extensive review of the website’s technical SEO and conducting comprehensive keyword research. After increasing the UVO3 website’s technical health by 17% and site speed by 69%, our team set to work on optimising the website’s SEO on an ongoing basis.

Over the last 18 months Generate UK have been optimising the websites on-page copy, meta data and alt tags on a monthly basis. As well as planning and writing a blog post each month to nourish the website with new and relevant keywords on an ongoing basis.


Our comprehensive and holistic approach to SEO enabled us to optimise the site effectively and – 18 months on we’re still seeing positive improvements in the site’s SEO visibility. In addition to gaining SEO visibility for 211 new keywords (an increase of 75.63%) that the site was not previously ranking for, our optimisation moved 30 priority keywords to the first page of Google, which has enabled UVO3 to stay ahead of competition.

Stats after 18 months of ongoing SEO:


Increase in Organic Traffic


New keyword rankings


Increase in Keywords Ranking on the first page of Google