This Month in Marketing: May 2021

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Can you believe it, we are almost halfway through 2021 already, where has the year gone?

This month has seen a lot of changes with more lockdown measures being lifted. Indoor dining (and drinking) has re-opened, cinemas, theatres and other entertainment complexes have also thrown their doors wide open. We are seeing a continuation of life starting to get back to some type of normality.

June may or may not be the month we see social distancing end but now we are able to visit friends and family indoors which has been a massive boost to morale all round the offices here.

So, without further ado here’s what’s happened this month in marketing – May 2021 edition!

Google I/O 2021 takeaways

With so many changes happening within Google, including the launch of its Core Web Vitals ranking update, it was the perfect time for Google’s annual I/O event.

To make it easier to unpack everything that was spoken about in regards to search engine marketin, Seosly has summed up the main SEO takeaways from this virtual event so you can find out all the important information in one post.

Lockdown easing provides significant boost to consumer confidence


With further lockdown easings in May, the CCI has risen to pre-lockdown levels.

This month saw the index increase by 6 points and we are getting ever closer to returning to a positive rating, as it is now standing at -9. It is hoped this may well increase into positive rankings before the end of this year.

You don’t need to meet all Google’s criteria to get a ranking boost

Great news for webmasters! It was revealed by the search engine giant themselves that you don’t need to achieve a “good rating” in all three Core Web Vitals to see a ranking boost.

On top of this, it was revealed that once you do reach that “good rating” you don’t need to try to score higher to rank better.

At the event, John Mueller said “Once you have reached kind of that good threshold, then that for us is kind of like a pretty high bar, and you are kind of at that stable point. And at that point, like, micro-optimizing things like extra milliseconds here and there, that’s not going to do your site in ranking anything specific”

Boosting posts within LinkedIn now possible

LinkedIn has upped their marketing game with the announcement of their new features. You can now boost organic posts you have created from your business page. All you need to do is click the “boost” button above the post and follow the steps.

At this time, LinkedIn has confirmed you can only boost posts with a single image, and you aren’t able to boost posts which contain polls, documents, job ads or pulse articles.

They have also announced the launch of an Events Analytics tool which makes tracking and reporting on virtual events easier. You can keep track of total number of attendees, unique event visits, top job functions and viewer count during livestreams.

BK leads the way with a literal trail of smoke

Burger King’s new campaign is the perfect example of using QR codes and AR technology to increase customer engagement rates through mobile.

The fast-food giant has been putting up digital posters featuring a QR code, which when scanned brings up your camera app. Using GPS and AR technology it then shows you in real-time, a trail of smoke which will lead you to your nearest Burger King. The smoke is to represent and remind customers their burgers are flame-grilled and have a smoky taste.

Check out a video of the campaign below:

They have also invested in more billboards which are the first in the UK to utilise their new retro-style branding and typography. Only time will tell as to whether this new campaign is a success.

So, that’s it for May’s monthly round up. It’s a relief to have a lot of good news to share and to see companies being innovative in their marketing once again. A sign that things are surely on the up.

 Who knows what will happen in June but with over 50 million vaccines already completed in the UK, we should hopefully see more of the life we knew pre-lockdown start to emerge.

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