B2B OroCommerce platform solutions

An e-commerce platform that’s built for B2B

OroCommerce is an enterprise-grade B2B eCommerce platform built with a comprehensive set of features tailored for any B2B commerce model.

B2B OroCommerce platform solutions

Introducing the #1 B2B e-commerce platform

Create a truly personalised online buying experience for customers, wholesalers and distributors, and other business types.

  • Corporate account management
  • Access controls, roles, & permissions
  • Multiple price-lists
  • Multiple shopping lists
  • Personalised B2B catalogue management
  • Multiple organisations, websites & stores
  • Segmentation & custom reports
  • Content management system

Why OroCommerce?

  1. Expand your

    Everyone shops online nowadays. OroCommerce offers B2B eCommerce solutions that take your business to the next level and beyond with a tailored online store.

  2. Future-proof your commerce

    OroCommerce provides a robust online and mobile presence that brings new opportunities by offering online ordering with multiple payment options.

  3. Combine e-commmerce & CRM

    Streamline your sales process and better forecast projections in marketing and sales for your business with a platform combining eCommerce and CRM in one location.

  4. Automate Routine Processes

    OroCommerce allows you to digitise and automate many of your business activities, from marketing to pricing and payments.

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Grow your business

Expand your business into new markets with an online and mobile presence that will delight your customers. Digitally transform your product catalogue and enable online ordering with a platform that supports both headless commerce and traditional ecommerce.

Market your business

OroCommerce’s built-in CRM helps you organise your sales pipelines, improve vendor management, and aid marketing and sales projections. Provide your your teams with the information they need to increase sales and grow your business.

Lower your TCO

Thanks to a sole focus on B2B, OroCommerce is a much leaner software than typical ecommerce platforms. This translates into a lower total cost of ownership for your business. Because all B2B features are offered out-of-the-box, projects are simplified resulting in fewer development hours and faster completion times.

We evaluated various solutions and agencies to help us successfully execute on our strategy and vision. After a careful evaluation, it was very clear to us that OroCommerce is the best B2B ecommerce solution

Bernardo Wysokikamien, Director At Aldo
Enabling eCommerce for the leader in commercial laundry solution…