Cain International - Supporting an international
brand with creative assets


Cain International, previously Cain Hoy Enterprises, is a private real estate investment company with a diverse portfolio including commercial, residential and hospitality holdings.

They were having their business cards produced in the USA using a very outdated and specialized printing method and they were proving to be very challenging when it came to new cards and reprints. The UK office wanted more control over the production of the cards and wanted to review the costs without sacrificing the overall quality too much.

They were also keen to adapt the logo slightly from Blue/Yellow to something more modern and representative of their company.


After reworking the colours of the logo to silver/gold we began to look at various production methods. We brought in various printers that supported us from a knowledge and experience perspective.
To solve the quality aspect of the challenge we opted for a duplexed card (bonding 2 cards together to give a thicker, sturdier card) using very specific Conqueror Wove boards. We chose an off-white colour for the front and then a black for the back. to make them feel special we used a gold and silver foil on the logo (front and back). A series of ‘blanks’ were created and then each person’s details were overprinted when required. This helped to keep the cost down.


We printed 14 named cards to start with and these were so well received that the New York division requested some to be printed for their office. We have produced several reprints and other companies that we work with have seen the cards and had similar cards produced. Cain Hoy have since rebranded to Cain International and we have continued our excellent relationship with them producing a website splash page, advertisements and a new reception sign for their London office.