CiC Wellbeing is a global company helping businesses and other groups to provide vital support for their employees.

The challenge

CiC required an update to their Well Online platform to align it to the requirements of a modern workforce.

The solution

We created a mobile-friendly platform that allows the organisation to white-label its product to expand commercial opportunities.


CiC Wellbeing was founded in 1988 by Westminster Pastoral Foundation to provide support for the corporate side of charities. Since then they have grown to become a global company helping businesses and other groups to provide vital services for their employees; such as counselling, mental health support as well as advice in matters such as financial, legal and mediation. They also offer training for managers and offer EAPs (Employee Assistance Programmes).

One of CiC’s existing assets was Well Online, a platform originally created as a central hub for supporting literature and advice for employees on an array of matters from mental health to finances. This was then shared with CiC’s existing clients as a value-added service along with their EAPs. As the service evolved, and the requirements of Well Online changed, it became clear a new platform was needed.

In 2017, we helped CiC launch an updated and user-friendly Well Online platform that was mobile-friendly across all devices and could be scaled to any size of workforce. It also had the option of white labelling so the companies could add their own branding to the portal.

Originally, the portal was only created for one audience, employees. However, as the platform evolved and became more popular, a new challenge emerged for CiC with increased demand for CiC’s literature outside of this audience.

With ever-evolving mobile technology, the platform also required updated functionality to ensure it was accessible across any device. There was also a need for greater integration. Well Online was initially a standalone product (excluding the EAPs, CIC offered) and so companies could not integrate this platform into their own HR portals. Overall, the new Well Online platform was fantastic for the needs of CiC in 2017, but with greater demand for its services, it was clear a new platform for would be needed to bring it up to date to achieve the organisation’s long-term commercial goals.

In 2020, we launched their brand new, updated Well Online platform that included different solutions:

Scalability: by changing the type of site, we were now able to horizontally and vertically scale the platform; giving CiC the option to refer to the users as members, teachers, employees, or anything that was required by the client.

Functionality: to accommodate increased mobile usage, while keeping to CiC’s requirement of having it independent from app stores, we needed to create a Progressive Web App) This meant that it still had the functionality of an app; such as offline content, but it would be accessed via a mobile browser.

Integration: We used an API (Application Programming Interface) in order to companies integrate Well Online with their HR tools or portals. The API acts as a third-party tool to link Well Online with other applications, as well as increases the opportunity to monetise.

Multilingual: The platform also now offers multilingual features for companies with non-native English speakers to build on their international presence.

By implementing all these features and options, Well Online is now a fully functional, integrated platform which is flexible, engaging and user-friendly.

We turned a platform that was unsuitable to current business requirements, which struggled with engagement, into an accessible, flexible platform that can be used to support employees around the world. It now has full scalability to not just employees but to other organisations wishing to add this to their benefits package.

Through the installation of an API to integrate the portal into any software we opened multiple opportunities for monetisation and reselling. We also implemented several technological upgrades meaning that CIC could continue to update the portal as and when it was needed.

We are proud to be able to help CiC with their well-being tool as we believe employee support and well-being to be a vital asset to any business. Being able to help CiC to develop its mobile-friendly platform, means supporting many organisations with their staff and members’ well-being.


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