12 signs you need a new website

Like a car, phone or any electronic device, websites have a shelf life, and there is a point where you need to consider a new build. But how do you know when you need a new website?

Did you know that there are currently over 1.8 billion websites? This was the number at the time of writing this and by the time you read this the number will probably be closer to 2 billion.

With such a substantial number of websites out there you need to make sure your site is as good as it can be to stand out and drive more traffic and increase your engagement rate.

But, like a car, phone or any electronic device, websites have a shelf life, and there is a point where you need to consider a new site. But how do you know when you need a new website?

Here are 12 signs to look out that point towards needing a new website.

High bounce rate

Have you noticed that consumers are clicking on to your home page but then aren’t going anywhere else and logging off?

A high bounce rate is often a big sign you need a new website.

You can’t update content without a developer

Web design and content uploading has become much more intuitive and simpler to do on the right platform.

If you are finding you can’t upload new content without the help of an expert, then it’s time to consider getting a new website made.

Modern CMSs such as WordPress provide a number of drag and drop options to make uploading content a piece of cake!

It’s not mobile-friendly

Is your current website optimised for mobile devices? If it isn’t then a new website is certainly needed.

It is predicted that by 2023, mobile commerce will account for 75% of all digital sales. This is a staggering figure and could lead to a substantial loss of income if your site cannot be accessed easily on a mobile.

This is not to mention the impact this could be having on your search engine rankings, with mobile a key ranking factor for Google and other platforms.

Your web design is dated

A big sign you need a new website is when your pages and overall design looks old and outdated. If you aren’t sure how your site is perceived by other users consider creating a survey to gather some feedback. 59% of UK consumers prefer a website to be appealing to the eye. So, if your site is old and unattractive, it’s time for a new website.

You can’t remember the last time you updated it

On average, we recommend refreshing the look of your website every 2-3 years. This is to ensure it stays looking modern, fresh and current.

If you can’t remember how long it has been or it has been longer than this, a new website is needed forthwith.

Your site doesn’t reflect your brand identity

You have a great brand identity which you have been keeping up to date. But if you haven’t been updating your website at the same time it is likely the two will not correlate. If your branding isn’t reflected on your pages, it’s time to get a new website.

Poor user experience

A website can be attractive, modern, and fresh but if your user experience is poor, it is time to get a new website.

This could be through broken links, bad or misleading navigation or something as simple as the buttons being too small. User experience is vital in not only driving traffic and Google rankings, but also for consumer retention.

Slow and clunky

Could your website be described as this? Do you have slow page loading times on either desktop, mobile or both? Or maybe the text appears first and the images load at a crawling pace. If this is the case, then you almost certainly may need a new website.

Poor conversion rates

If you aren’t getting many leads or a poor conversion rate from your site it is likely time for a new website. The above signs could all be contributing factors to your poor conversion rate, but this is the perfect excuse for a change and a new business website.

You’re not using video on your site

You may have noticed that using video in marketing campaigns has become a very popular tool. In fact, according to HubSpot’s report 86% of marketers use video as a marketing tool and this is rising each year. So, why aren’t you?

If you aren’t utilising this fantastic marketing tool, it is the perfect excuse for a new website utilising some nice new marketing tools.

You don’t have a clear digital strategy

Since Covid-19 and the multiple lockdowns we experienced, digital marketing has become even more important across all industries and sectors. This means it is vital that you have a clear digital strategy.

This includes, your website, your social media channels, email marketing, SEO and all other digital marketing tools and platforms you use. If you don’t have a clear digital strategy, it is a great time for a new website with a new, fresh, creative plan.

Your website isn’t getting enough traffic from Google

There are several reasons why you aren’t getting enough traffic to your site from Google and the main one will be that you are ranking poorly on their search engine. If this is the case, it is time to consider a new website so you can start afresh and ensure all aspects scanned by the Google bots are up to date and as efficient and effective as possible.

So there you have it, 12 signs that you need a new website. If you can associate with just one of these or more than it is time to consider a refresh.

To find out more about how we can create a fresh, new website for you contact us today.