6 must have features for your next B2B ecommerce platform

When it comes to B2B ecommerce platform, the reality of it is that the foundation requirements are somewhat similar to B2C platforms. However, that is where the similarities end.

To create the perfect B2B ecommerce user experience many extra elements and more in-depth features are required for this type of consumer.

So, whether you are just starting out and building your first B2B ecommerce platform, tweaking your existing one or building a brand new one from scratch we have the 6 must have features you need for your next B2B ecommerce platform.

The must have features for your next B2B ecommerce platform

Multiple price lists

When it comes to pricing within B2B, things can get complicated. You have a lot of factors to consider including bulk buying offers, frequency of purchasing, pre-negotiated discounts and many more.

This means you need to have a B2B ecommerce platform that has the flexibility to allow different price lists and discounts to be applied at company and product level. You need a platform that can dynamically calculate a customer’s total based on specific business and pricing rules. 

Flexible custom workflows

Speaking of flexibility, this is an important feature your B2B ecommerce platform should have. As times change and technology and business demand evolve so too should your platform.

Ensure that your platform has flexible custom workflows so that you can grow and evolve with the times without having to change your whole system.

Self-service options

Self-service is becoming ever more popular in all industries, especially for B2B as they can order when it is convenient with them and not just during office hours.

However, unlike B2C sites, you need a more advanced self-service features to ensure it is intuitive to use, responsive and has specific functionality such as arranging delivery dates, bulk purchasing as well as an easy checkout feature.

Then you also want reordering capability, quote request feature, shipment tracking and the ability to easily modify details to name just some of the additional functions B2B customers require.

Implementing a reliable, flexible self-service function to your B2B ecommerce platform will enable you to truly nurture and grow your business relationships and encourage repeat orders.

Corporate account management & user administration controls

With multiple levels of hierarchy and buying permissions within a business it is important to have a corporate account management system.

The system should be able to manage the most complex business structure to enable companies to order from you and organise their own account. This includes, adding users, setting purchasing rules and permissions and general configuration of their own account.

It needs to not only be flexible but also work across as many staff members, departments, offices, businesses, and branches that is required, no matter how large or small the company is.

This also means the platform needs a strong user control system, so the customers can add, remove, and amend users and user permissions as and when they need to.

Content management system

A big difference between B2B and B2C customers is that business is, well, business. Emotion is not involved in the purchasing decision and is purely a practical, pragmatic purchase.

This means they need to have a thorough overview of all the details of the products. From licensing opportunities, certifications and descriptions to demos and images.

The B2B ecommerce platform needs to have a strong content management system and the flexibility to include all this information in a structured, easy to navigate structure.

Personalised B2B catalogue management

For B2C websites, one catalogue of products works for all consumers. However, with B2B you can’t apply the same logic.

Your B2B ecommerce platform needs to have the ability to tailor the catalogues to each business for easier purchasing. Just like the user controls, the platform needs to have the functionality to personalise the catalogue not just by business but by divisions and even individual buyers.

For example, for easier navigation you may want to bundle certain products together or set minimum order limits specifically for certain customers.

There are many more features which are required for a good B2B ecommerce platform, but these are some of the essentials.


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