7 brilliant Black Friday marketing ideas to increase sales

To help you plan for Black Friday, we have come up with 7 brilliant marketing ideas to help you increase your sales.

Black Friday is nearly upon us, the day in which a large percentage of shops hold sales and shoppers flock to grab bargains ahead of Christmas. This year, with Covid-19 it will be different, as a large majority of shops in England will be closed. However, for ecommerce stores, business is booming as more consumers go online for their bargain buys.

To help you plan for Black Friday, we have come up with 7 brilliant marketing ideas to help you increase your sales.

Promote deals early on your site

You may have already seen big brands such as Amazon and Waterstones already promoting their Black Friday deals ahead of the date and this is a great marketing idea.

Get your consumers excited for your deals; do a sneak peak at some of the low prices or discounts you will be offering. This will get them logging on to your site on the day (or week) to make sure they take full advantage of Black Friday.

So, plan ahead and promote your Black Friday deals early to make sure all your consumers know you are taking part in this date.

Why keep it to a day? Spread the deals longer

Black Friday may just be one day but why not make it a Black Friday weekend or week? If your company can, extend your deals to get more consumers to buy from you during this time. Black Friday is a hectic day both in store and online so consumers may miss your one day only deals.

Make it more enticing for your regulars

Black Friday is the perfect time to show your appreciation for your regular consumers. One way you could do this is by offering an extra little discount for those who have signed up to your site/newsletter etc.

This could also be a great way to gather more data and email addresses for your future campaigns if you promote this on your site.

 It doesn’t have to be much, you could offer as little as an extra 10% off but by offering this to your regulars it will make them feel more appreciated they will be more likely to buy from you in the future. Consumers like to feel appreciated and special and this is the perfect way to do it.

Create gift collections for easier purchasing

This is a great way to make shopping easier for consumers as well as helping to drive sales. By using tags, group items together so that consumers can see the whole group with one simple click.

This could be “Black Friday deals” or it could be more general terms such as “gifts for him”, “gifts for her”, “gifts for kids”

Depending on the sector and type of products you sell you could niche down your tags and aim it at specific personalities to make it even easier for consumers.

From “crafty gifts” to “the writer in your life” you could make the recommendations and collections more personalised to make consumers shopping experience more streamlined. This will also potentially lead them to buying more than just the one item they were looking at.

Shout it out loud on social media

Social media is the perfect platform to promote your deals so make sure you are posting on all platforms you use, to encourage consumers to visit your website.

Depending on your budget you can opt for either organic posts or a mixture of paid for and organic for total coverage.

Make sure you interact with your consumers and reply if they comment on your posts to keep them engaged with your brand.

Time limited deals for the win!

If you have the availability and resources, why not offer hourly deals. Time limited deals are great for encouraging consumers who are on the fence about your product to rush and buy it.

By making the deal time limited consumers feel obliged to make decisions quicker and this will often be in your favour.

If you don’t want to do them every hour, why not have certain deals running for only a few hours and then offer different products? You could even add a countdown of how many of that item is left in stock to add to the urgency and importance of buying the product now.

You can never go wrong with a freebie

Why not go that extra mile and offer your shoppers a free gift? This could be if they spend over a certain amount, or if they buy certain items.

It doesn’t have to be a big freebie but a small token of your appreciation to your consumers. This is immensely popular and will often encourage consumers to buy more from the company.

Whether you are going all out for Black Friday or having just a few deals always plan ahead and make sure you are promoting your sale in advance of the date to prepare your consumers.

We appreciate that times are not easy right now but if you have any questions about how else you can increase your sales or for more great Black Friday marketing ideas we are here to help.

From SEO to web design, we can help in all aspects of marketing and are here to show you, that you can thrive and not just survive through this time.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you succeed during Black Friday and beyond.