7 takeaways you can learn from streamers to improve your marketing

Discover the top takeaways you can learn from streamers to improve your marketing performance.

When you see a stream, whether it is for a video game, product demo, or an interview, what you are watching is in fact a lesson in marketing.

Streamers often don’t have a team behind them, but they excel in promoting their brand – it just so happens that in most case their brand is themselves, rather than an organisation.

There are many valuable takeaways marketers can gain to improve their performance within their own businesses.

Here are our top 7 marketing tips you can learn from streamers.

 Be confident in your product

When a streamer broadcasts themselves playing a game or demoing a product, whether alone or with friends, they don’t mumble or act like they don’t know what they are doing.

Even with a new game or product they have never tested they just jump straight in and go for it. This is a great tip on how to improve your businesses marketing.

Be confident in your product or message, whether you are talking to a potential client at a roadshow or promoting yourselves via social media, don’t show doubt or uncertainty.

Customers want to trust in what you are selling, so make sure confidence not only comes across in your speech, but also in your adverting as well.

Don’t be afraid to collaborate

If you feel that a collaboration with a brand sharing similar values could boost your product, speak to them.

Alternatively, if you want to hire some influencers to help improve marketing and promotion then what are you waiting for?

Video game developers, FacePunch, creators of a survival game called, Rust did just that. To help promote their game they asked some of the top streamers to help them interact with their audience by offering their fans, free in-game loot if they watched these streams. The result? An increase in income of $1million on two consecutive days in one week. Not bad for such a simple collaboration.

Define your identity

When fans engage with streamers it is usually because they like the presenter’s personality, what they talk about, and how they engage with their audience. They relate to the streamer through a shared identity, and support them by watching more of their videos or even donating to them.

Use this as inspiration and make sure that your brand identity is one that your target market can relate to.

You want your consumers to keep returning to engage with you r business, so it’s important to create common connections with your audience to encourage them to continue to interact and follow your content. By defining your brand identity, it will be easier to create consistent marketing material that will engage your customers.

Be present on Social Media

Whether live or offline you will often see links on the streamer’s page to their social media so you can look them up anytime.

Social media is an important part of advertising. For streamers this is where their personalities can shine through.

For companies, it is your chance to show off your true colours, help promote your values, as well as interact with your consumers, both current and potential. Social media is a great way to find out how your consumers are interacting as well as connect to your target market more.

Make sure your social media pages clearly display who you are, what you do and what your values are, and be sure to interact with your customers in a way that is consistent with this.

Use social channels such as Twitter to find trending topics

Be topical

It is unlikely that you would see a streamer playing an old, now unpopular game or talking about an outdated product. You will see them promoting brand new items, such as new games and if the game/product is old, they will be showing it off in new and trending ways.  

Be like a streamer. To improve your marketing keep your content and messaging fresh, don’t post something which is old and outdated, people won’t read it.

If you read about a news story which supports or which matches your brand values, mention it on your social media pages. Explain briefly why this is important to you and the company. This way your consumers can get to know your brand better and are more likely to relate and interact with you.

Use video to your advantage

What do all streamers have in common? Apart from the fact they are all selling something, whether it is themselves or a product. The answer is, they are all communicating via video.

Whether they do live streams of games, interviews with special guests or product pitches, they all use video. This is a brilliant sales tool as videos are among one of the fastest growing mediums on the internet.

According to a report by Wyzowl, 80% of video marketers said that using video has directly helped to increase sales. In the same survey, 87% stated video helped drive more traffic to their site.

This shows that using video can be highly effective when used correctly and is clearly the way forward in marketing.

Consistency is key

You won’t see streamers go live just the once and then not appear for weeks. They key to success for them is consistency, if they are appearing live regularly then they will be able to grow a fan base, as more people will recognise and remember them.

This is the same for marketing. Be consistent, whether this is posting on a blog, talking on social media, or sending out emails. Make sure you are always present in the community and you are consistently posting somewhere.

The more content, which is out there, the easier it will be for new consumers to find you and to find out more about what you do. Make sure they don’t get a chance to forget you but at the same time don’t overload them.

At the end of the day, streamers are trying to improve their marketing just like your company, except in most cases their brand is personal, it’s them instead of a business.

But the traits used, and the behaviours exhibited can apply to both types of branding strategies. Both traditional marketers and streamers can learn a lot from each other to improve their marketing.

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