Report: Understanding & Adapting to Modern B2B Buyer Expectations

To understand what B2B buyers are looking for, it helps to be on the same page with them. This report offers you extensive, exclusive insights from leaders and decision-makers at organisations spanning a variety of verticals.

B2B buyer expectations are one of the factors fueling the yearly rise of B2B eCommerce. Digital consumers today expect nothing less than quality and are ready to look elsewhere when their requirements are not met.

Online purchases are at an all-time high, and for the typical B2B company, eCommerce accounts for a sizeable portion of income.

Many B2B firms continue to view eCommerce as an optional substitution for in-person interactions. They think eCommerce should only be used for low-value or frequent purchases, or they think simple digital experiences are sufficient.

Oro Inc. questioned 100 senior-level corporate buyers and procurement experts who were responsible for making purchasing decisions for their organisations in order to learn the facts. They found that not all customers think their expectations are fulfilled.

Understanding B2B Buyer Expectations

Understanding what B2B buyers are looking for requires being on the same page with them.

This report offers extensive answers to questions such as:

  • How happy are B2B buyers with their purchasing experiences?
  • What is the role of digital and mobile in the buying process?
  • Are eCommerce and eProcurement systems keeping up?
  • How can suppliers improve their B2B buying experience?

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