Changing the Fabric of Exhibition Solutions

Next Generation Data (NGD) is Europe’s largest Data Centre campus, offering data centre space for some of the world’s largest companies. At the start of 2018, NGD required a HPC exhibition stand for HPC & Big Data 2018. Due to the large number of exhibitors, NGD required an eye-catching, informative stand that would work well with the limited space available and was easy to transport and manoeuvre.

A standard, rigid panel system stand would have been too large and awkward for NGD’s requirements, so Generate UK suggested using a new, fabric style stand that was far better suited to the job.

A fabric stand offers many advantages over stands that use rigid panels. Fabric graphics can be printed as one piece at huge sizes, yet – despite their size – can be transported easily, as the graphics can be folded. They’re lightweight, durable and packs into a bag that can be transported conveniently, even by hand. Conversely, transporting rigid graphics comes hand in hand with the risk of creasing or getting marked or damaged.

Fabric graphics are seamless, meaning that large, stunning graphics can be displayed without interruption and illuminated with a light-stop sock. Conversely, the panels of rigid stands must be lined up precisely, though even when the graphics designed accordingly, seams and joins often remain visible.

The fabric stand employs a lightweight, tubular, aluminium frame to support the stretch fabric print. The curved stand can also be customised with the addition of a flat-screen, iPad, literature or shelves and can also accommodate LED lights to make your graphic even more eye-catching.In today’s climate, it’s worth noting that a fabric stand is far more eco-friendly than a rigid stand (which is made from plastics). The graphic can even be recycled with other textiles once it is finished with. Alternatively, the print can even be washed if it gets dirty.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, flexible and versatile exhibition stand for your next event, speak to Generate UK about our range of fabric stands and optional extras.

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