How many times a day should I post on Facebook

A common question out there is: When should we post an update on our Facebook page and how many times a day?

There’s no right or wrong answer, however if you rarely make any posts, you’re potentially missing out on opportunities to reach your fans. The larger your fan page, the more often you should be posting — obviously please take that with a pinch of salt and don’t go mad, the last thing you want to do is annoy your fans.

A good indication is when your last post disappears from the News Feed. Each status update will fall out of different fans’ News Feeds at different times, depending on how many status’s they receive in their feed. Trust me there are some people out there who have over 1200 friends and like over 50 pages. That’s a lot of content going through their news feed.

All the comments on any status update are great as they allow for more interaction from you. The ‘likes’ are just as important if not more  because posts tend to get more likes than comments.

Recent studies show that after surveying 20 posts across five fan pages that had 2 million+ fans, calculated an average post lifetime of 22 hours, 51 minutes. Theoretically, this implies most fan pages shouldn’t post more than once a day.

However, this a social tool that allows you to experiment and usually we would recommend 3/4 posts a day on average. Don’t forget you won’t know if your fans respond better to a different posting strategy until you try it.