How to create a successful marketing campaign

We’ve taken a look at what qualities are needed to have a successful marketing campaign, as well as how you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

A successful marketing campaign isn’t just about how many leads and conversions you get, or how many people you reach. What makes a campaign a success will very much depend on what you are trying to achieve as an organisation.

However, there are qualities to consider as a marketer when creating a campaign that can be often overlooked.

In this post we will go through what qualities are needed to have a successful marketing campaign.

What does a successful marketing campaign look like?

There is no straight answer for this. Success is measured on the goals and the results you want to see for your campaign. Each company measures success differently.

According to HubSpot, web traffic is among the top two success measures, along with lead generation. But these measures will be different for everyone. Nobody else can dictate what a successful campaign looks like except from you and your business.

But, if you are looking for generic success factors, then you may see a good engagement rate in a typical successful campaign. If it is an email campaign you may be looking for a high open and click rate.

But if the campaign is for brand awareness you could be looking for higher volumes of organic traffic to your site as well as more interaction on social media platforms.

However, as we said before, success in marketing campaigns is personal, only you know what success looks like for your company. But what qualities help make a successful marketing campaign, let’s discuss this.

Have clear goals from the start and know how to track them

This is particularly important and potentially one of the most vital points. After all, how do you know what success is, if you have no goals to achieve or measure against? Make sure you set your goals before you start planning your campaign.

This will help you work out how you can achieve these and what a successful campaign looks like.

We recommend using the SMART goals system. This stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timebound

This is an effective way to create realistic goals for the campaign. Make sure you also consider how you will track these goals to see if your campaign is working.

Know your audience as well as possible

To market effectively you need to know your target audience as much as possible.

Make sure you have conducted market research recently to understand them more. Find out their likes/dislikes, the way they interact online and offline and the way they perceive advertising amongst many other factors. This will give you a good understanding of where to implement your campaign and in what format.

Ensure you also take note of how they speak and the language they use so that you can use this whilst writing content. You want your target market to relate and feel like they are being spoken to personally, so try to use their words.

Consider quality over quantity

To be successful, you don’t need reams of content to attract your audience. It really is quality over quantity. So, avoid using excess copy to pad out an email or post as this will not draw your target market in and is likely to be skipped.

According to the Marketo Engagement Gap Report, 51% of consumers surveyed, believe that brands send too much irrelevant content.  This shows the importance of targeted marketing as well as relevant content.  Instead consider your core messaging and stick with the important content.

Quality content is not only important for success but for so many other factors from SEO ranking to building trust and rapport with your consumers.

Be attention grabbing, seek out the limelight

Make sure your campaign can’t be ignored, make it eye catching and attractive. Depending on what medium you use this could be using colours, sound, or simply larger fonts.

This is your campaign so make a statement and ensure that potential consumers won’t be able to miss it, but also make it so that they won’t want to miss out.

Think outside the box and be willing to diversify

Whichever sector and business you are in it is likely you are facing a lot of competition. So, make your campaign stand out, by diversifying your content. If it is for a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day add in a little extra bonus or start advertising early so that consumers are exposed to your offers first.

Diversifying your campaigns and content can go a long way to not only having a successful marketing campaign, but can also lead to an increase in Share of Voice if carried out effectively.

Be flexible and open to change

If 2020 has taught us anything it is the importance of being flexible and of the potential need to change at the last minute. These are two key traits for a successful marketing campaign.

Flexibility and change are important as you need to be open to new ideas, as well as the fact that if the messaging on adverts or posts aren’t working you may need to change it mid campaign.

Consider “what if” situations so you are prepared for various potential issues. The more prepared you are for potential hurdles the more efficient you can be at overcoming them.

These are just some of the important qualities we believe you should possess to have a successful marketing campaign.

However, there is a lot more that goes into a campaign, from resources, time and not to mention valuable resources.

With 12 years’ worth of experience in marketing, we understand how time consuming the whole process can be. However, you are not alone. We can help you plan, create, and implement your perfect marketing campaign.

From social media strategy to SEO, we can support you with all your marketing needs.

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