Is my brand consistent?

One of the core principles of good branding is consistency. If you look at any major brand, the chances are (barring a rebrand) they are extremely consistent across their marketing channels, products and services. This article will go into a bit more depth as to why brand consistency is so important and a couple of ways you can keep on top of it.

Most companies are marketing across a number of channels (even if you don’t realise it!). Also, you must consider the less traditional channels, the more basic, less planned interactions such as direct contact with customers. Any customer facing aspect of a company can be branded and does affect perceptions of a company, positively and negatively.

What does your brand stand for? What is the brand purpose? Even what are the human-type personalities you would associate with your brand? Go on, write it down.

LUSH: Obvious, clear and consistent Brand Purpose over a long period

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Now go through marketing channels and materials (or a sample) and compare against the points you had associated with your brand. Check to see if the channels and materials are in sync with your brand and it’s purpose.

Many business owners and marketing managers (and employees) take pride in the brand they own, have created or work for. However, the brand personality/purpose is often forgotten when marketing is being adjusted, grown and improved upon. The marketing, employees and product must be in sync with the brand!

Coca Cola: Total synchronicity

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Maintaining this consistent approach also allows a business to maintain it’s authenticity. Many companies (depending on industry) will claim to have some form of Corporate Social Responsibility, something which is taken seriously by many and of growing importance to consumers in today’s world. CSR is great to show the thoughtful, human side of the business. However, once these claims or promises regarding CSR are made, breaking them can have serious implications and a PR nightmare. Maintaining the brand promise is a good way to be more thoughtful and improve trust and a sense of dependability in the long run.

A good example of branding crossing over into all channels, Is FedEx and their reactive PR in difficult situations. As a brand which highlights their dependability and trust, reacting in a strong way to lapses in either of these attributes, is required. A video appeared on YouTube of a FedEx employee treating customers deliveries poorly, the reaction as excellent and the PR team were straight onto creating a response video with an apology and suitable repercussions for the employee involved. This segues nicely to my final point…

FedEx: Pride themselves on their dependability and trust

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It’s also about you. The marketing channels, packaging and assets are all now aligned with the brand and the communications are on point. You must always consider how YOU represent your brand or the brand you work for. Representing a company in whatever role, as a director, as a salesman or in customer services, representing the company correctly, is essential. Much as it is for sports team, when you represent something, you should strive to represent it well.

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