LinkedIn’s New Content Suggestions Feature

Recently, changes were made on LinkedIn that are revolutionising the way we can use this channel for marketing, ensuring your content is more relevant than ever before.

The new ‘Content Suggestions’ tab within a companies’ page admin view allows you to explore suggested content around the goals of your business, as well as the wants of your audience. This allows you to tailor your feed to make it more relevant to your industry and business, making it easier to find interesting articles and share relevant news via LinkedIn – similar to twitter’s ‘Lists’ feature.

How to use LinkedIn’s Content Suggestions Effectively

To discover new topics and articles that your audience are engaging with, you have to select an initial filter of either your page followers, your employees or all LinkedIn members. Then you have the choice to select multiple industries, locations, job function and then seniority of the audience you wish to look into.  Once selected your proposed filter, it will give you an estimated audience size. You can edit and adjust filters to however specific and narrow you want to look into.

Once you audience is submitted it returns a feed of recent and relevant news articles to your business and your audience selected. To narrow more specifically into trending topics and articles already shown for your selected audience, you can filter the content further by specific topic, simply type in a topic name and add this to your filter.

You can easily sort content by most recent, most or least engagement using the ‘Sort by’ drop down. If you find a piece of content relevant to your business, simply click the share button, add the relevant text, mentions and hashtags and share this across your business feed.

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