Mobilegeddon: Google Algorithm Update, Post event.

21st April 2015 is a date that has become infamous, causing a big stir in the digital world. It was the day of the Google’s mobile update, since dubbed Mobilegeddon and reported to be biggest algorithm update so far. If the hype is to be believed we were predicted catastrophic almost apocalyptic effects on websites that were not mobile friendly. So two months on did the Internet collapse?

So how does the digital landscape look post ‘#mobilegeddon’?

We have seen many non-mobile friendly websites drop off the first page of Google. At first glance it appears that the much publicised ‘Mobilegeddon’ was not as cataclysmic as predicted, with the warning time that Google provided this could be due to many people optimising their websites before the algorithm rolled out.

Content marketing leaders BrightEdge have been analysing the effect of the update for over 20,000 URLS they state:

 “Our researchers determined that as of April 27 there was a 21% decrease in the number of non-mobile-friendly URLs on the first 3 pages of the SERPs compared to before the update. Versus the decrease seen on page 1 of 17.3%, a more pronounced impact was seen on the 2nd and 3rd SERP pages, which saw a 20.7% and 25.2% decrease, respectively, in non-mobile-friendly URLs. We hypothesize that because other ranking factors are weaker on the second and third pages of search results that the mobile-friendliness of a URL had a bigger impact on rank than it did on the first page.”

Generate UK prepared our clients well in advance for the update and put measures in place to ensure all websites are optimised for mobile. But We would love to hear your thoughts on this, have you seen an impact on your ranking since the update?