The top marketing trends for 2022

Discover our predictions for the top four marketing trends you need to be aware of in 2022.

2021 is almost over so if you haven’t already started, now is the time to look ahead to your marketing strategy and plans for 2022.

This year has been another time of digital marketing domination with lockdowns at the beginning of 2021 and consumers continuing to stick to online shopping for a large majority of the year.

But what will 2022 bring for you and what will the top marketing trends be in the next 12 months?

Website speed will be vital

With multiple Google updates, as well as the major Core Web Vitals launch happening in 2021, website speed has become an important part of rankings.

Making your website not only fast, but accessible will continue to become a must for 2022.

For some helpful tips on this, we have previously put together a helpful beginner’s guide to improving your website speed.

It will be more important to build your own data lists

With the recent iOS 15 updates, we predict that a big marketing trend for 2022 will be that building and creating your own first-party data lists for campaigns will become much more important.

This will become a must for a substantial proportion of marketing companies especially if data rules become tighter or more updates are released to make tracking and third-party data usage more difficult for companies.


Data & analytics to be integrated into marketing plans

In the past, the trial-and-error method of marketing was the usual route to take to find the most efficient tool and platform to use for your marketing plan.

However, marketing data and analytics are becoming more popular, as it provides us with a clearer idea of what avenues are more likely to achieve success for the company.

This year we also saw the launch of Google Analytics 4 which is being pushed more and more.

The new platform has had a complete re-work on its predecessor. Where UA uses measurement based on sessions and pageviews, the new version utilises a measurement model based on events and parameters.

On GA4, every activity taken by a user will be counted as an “event” in GA4, which means you will have access to more data with regards to how users are engaging with your site.

Brand building will become more important for B2B companies

Through recent research from Ehrenberg-Bass, it has been revealed that up to 95% of businesses are not in the market for most goods and services at any one time.

This means, for a B2B marketer, you are selling to users who aren’t particularly looking to buy.

This means that brand building will become a more important aspect of B2B marketing strategies and companies will need to look at long term goals rather than short term, sales focussed campaigns.

So, there you have it, these are our top five digital marketing trends 2022 edition. With the new year just around the corner, this gives marketers a lot to consider when it comes to strategy building and campaign planning.

If you are looking for support on your new year marketing plans, whether this is developing strategies, creating assets, or refreshing your website, we can help.


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