Why is Video so Important in Marketing?

Discover why video is so important in marketing and why you should be using it in your strategy.

We always recommend using different mediums in your marketing strategy to make your content as engaging as possible, but video has become a rising trend in marketing thanks to its high engagement rates.

According to a survey conducted by Wyzowl, 92% of marketers surveyed, stated that video was an important part of their marketing strategy and each year this percentage is rising.

Why is video so important in marketing?

There are several reasons why video is so important in marketing.

One of the main factors in this is that consumers want to see the product in action before they buy. So, by implementing a demo video into your campaigns you can show your potential customers what they are buying without the need for a brick and mortar store or in-person demonstration.

Another fact about videos is that on a social scale, people like to share what they enjoyed watching.

If you make your video interesting the opportunities for this to be shared within their social media followers opens a much wider reach for you without needing to put in the extra leg work.

If you go that one step further and upload your video to YouTube, the 2nd most popular social media platform you also have more opportunities for organic leads.

According to a Thinkwithgoogle survey, 90% of those asked stated that they have found new brands and products through YouTube videos. This makes this social media platform a highly effective marketing tool.

90 of consumers have found new brands and products through YouTube

How should I implement videos into my marketing strategy?

Before considering even the content of your video think about what your overall goal is in implementing videos into your marketing strategy.

Is it to sell a certain product? Or is it simply to raise awareness and improve engagement?

Make sure you have your end goal set before you decide anything else as this will help you decide the content of the video and its placement.

Once you have done this you can consider what your video is going to be about, whether you need to hire a professional videographer to shoot it, and where you will be placing it for maximum exposure.

Also think carefully about your CTA (call to action) that you can incorporate into your video.

Have you thought about live streaming?

Another type of video you could include in your marketing strategy is live streaming. According to a survey conducted by Stream Elements, internet users spent 1.1 billion hours in 2019 watching live videos and this keeps climbing all the time.

You could consider using live streaming as part of a product launch or even turn it into a Q&A session for your prospective clients.

Whatever you use it for, using video, both live and pre-recorded is a great way to interact with your target market and increase engagement through your channel.

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