4 reasons we love Valentine’s Day marketing

Valentine’s Day, is the perfect time to up your marketing game. Read on to find out our top four reasons why we love marketing at this time of year.

14th February is not only the perfect day to show that special someone how much you love them. It is also a great time of year to bring out you’re A-game with Valentine’s specific marketing campaigns that’ll help you increase sales.

According to Statista, on average the UK spent £855 million on Valentine’s Day in 2020. This shows that this time of year can be very profitable period, even if you don’t sell items which can be given as gifts.

There are so many reasons why we love Valentine’s Day marketing and here are our top four.

Valentine’s Day marketing – show your love for your customers

This time of year is not just for your loved ones. This is the perfect opportunity to show our appreciation and love for your customers.

By using strong, emotive words such as love, adore and care we can show our appreciation to our customer’s. We can be as emotional as we want and put it all down to Valentines fever.

This is a great way to reach out and make sure your consumers know they are appreciated to help keep hold of them. You may even have some special consumers who have been with you from the start or who always buy from you, consider treating them to an extra special gift or discount to make them feel exclusive and especially loved.

Colour palette change ups

Valentine’s Day, like any other seasonal event, is great as we get to change up the branding slightly to match the season. This is one of the easiest seasonal marketing events as all we need to do is add a few hearts to be seasonal.

We also love it because we can add extra red to our sites and assets. As you may know from our colour palette post, red evokes desire, love and impulse.

This means it is the perfect time to promote those luxury products on the same page as the seasonal branding. The purpose of this is to encourage your consumers to follow their heart rather than their head.

Creativity is king

Valentine’s day marketing is the perfect time to be as creative and imaginative as you want. If you have a way with words, write a poem, if you are a photo editing whizz, make a romantic collage.

This season is the perfect time to release your inner Shakespeare or Van Gogh to create some romantic and attractive marketing assets. Alternatively you can even add a bit of comedy to your communications.

Great time to promote diversity

Another reason we love Valentine’s Day marketing is that it gives us a chance to stand out and to show our diversity.

Valentine’s Day is not just for the traditional romantic ideas, think LGBTQ, think love for our pets and family, think Galentine’s Day.

This is a celebration which has become more popular each year and helps the single consumers feel included.

This time of year is the ideal season to show your inclusivity by thinking outside the box and creating more than just the traditional Valentines’ images.

There are many more reasons why we love valentine’s day marketing, but these are some of the main ones. Whether you sell gifts or printers or something completely different, you can always find a way to incorporate Valentines into your marketing strategy.

We understand the importance of keeping your marketing strategy fresh and current. Whether this is posting seasonal content or simply keeping up to date with trends. Our team of skilled marketers have the knowledge needed to help build up your marketing strategy and help you succeed for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

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