Generate UK Win Technology Innovator Award 2016

We know that the bottom line of our business is creating excellence for our customers, but it is always nice to have our work recognised. Recently Generate UK have been awarded the 2016 Technology Innovator Award for Best SME Full Service Marketing Agency – UK, & Recognised Leaders in Creative Technologies – UK

The project we entered into the Awards, that secured the win of this prestigious title was an innovative app we built for the local Sovereign Housing Association to assist them with the pilot  of the Voluntary Right To Buy Scheme being trialled through West Berkshire.

Known as VRTB Assessments, this hand coded app was built to the specifications briefed by the local Housing Association to provide an interface that allowed applicants to register their interest for the ‘Right to Buy’ their council house so long as they meet specific criteria, such as being resident in their house for 10+ years.

Innovate to save

Out of the 5 Housing Associations chosen to pilot the scheme, Sovereign was the only one to chose to invest in innovative tech to qualify the process of registering interest. All the others chose the traditional route requiring teams of call centre staff and administrators to process the applications. Our app saved the Association around £120,000 in associated costs, which surpassed expectation in these times of austerity budget cuts for local councils.

Big data analytics in action

By monitoring usage statistics and industry trends, and then analysing and interpreting that data, we can continually improve VRTB Assessments app. This agility means changes can be made quickly to ensure the tool continues to meet the needs of the market, performs effectively, and delivers maximum return on investment. For example, increased mobile optimisation was required when it was realised 82% of users were accessing VRTB Assessments via a mobile device, Generate UK tweaked the functionality, look and feel to enhance performance.

Google tracking code allowed us to monitor the user fall out and amended the process to minimise it, and with learnings taken from the financial sector, Generate UK added a qualification stage based on the tenant’s postcode which was promoted on social media, to encourage take up.

Customer Service

A particularly subjective measure, but one that can have far reaching impact, Customer Service is about making lives easier by imparting timely information. Due to the VRTB Assessment process, Sovereign has reported an increase in positive customer service. It enabled them to quickly identify alternative possibilities for those applicants registering their interest.

Our Ethos

Generate UK works in partnership with its clients to ensure they fully understand their clients business. In return, the agency provides innovative, creative and effective solutions that are closely aligned to clients’ objectives. Engaging in consulting, educating and sharing online knowledge throughout the working relationship, Generate UK delivers the right solution, on time and just how you want it.