Do you know who is visiting your website and where the opportunities are?

Every online business will analyse its data to understand where the opportunities are and where they are coming from. On a day to day basis your website will receive number of visits, however are these quality and relevant to your business?

What happens to your website traffic?

As you can see from the Lead Forensics analysis below, only 5% of your web traffic contacts you and over 55% traffic is classified as lost opportunities which your business might be missing out on.

(Source: Lead Forensics)

In this blog post Generate UK highlights how Lead Forensics can help you understand the ‘Lost Opportunities’ by investing your time and effort into this additional software.

What is Lead Forensics?

Lead Forensics is software which identifies visitors coming to your website and provides you with additional information such as ‘Business Name’, ‘Location’, ‘Telephone Number’ and ‘Website’. This tool is able to help your sales team to identify the opportunities much quicker, as they are able to get detail on the following:

  • Number of repeat visits
  • Pages visited and how long the prospects stayed
  • Which campaigns are driving traffic
  • What search terms they used
  • Credit rating and credit rating history

How to Use Lead Forensics?

Lead Forensics comes complete with tools which help you to identify the companies visiting your website as well as the vital kit required to delegate out your leads.

1. Dashboard Overview
The dashboard is a great overview of key data such as; Visits, Devices, Latest Company Visits, Keywords, Referring Websites, Industries, Most Active Companies and Most Popular Pages visited.

2. Prioritise the hottest leads
In Lead Forensics, you are able to create a unique coloured category which helps you to identify your top opportunities and also keep a track of your existing customers and competitors.

3. Custom Email Reports
The best feature which this software offers is the daily, weekly, monthly or instant email reports of companies visiting your website. With these reports, you definitely won’t miss out on your new lead opportunities.

4. Manage your sales team pipeline
Assign Leads to Sales users, highlight the category which the lead falls into and add in relevant notes to track activity on a lead.

5. Measure success of your campaign
The feature ‘Data Manager’ allows you to track the success of your campaigns and how the prospects interact with your promoted content.
Import all your contact details into the ‘Data Manager’ and then Lead Forensics will recognise these contact details in the ‘Visitor List’ based on your customised report and relevant category.

6. Integrate Salesforce with Lead Forensics
Is your business using Salesforce? If so, with Lead Forensics for Salesforce you can connect your leads directly into your sales teams’ workflow. With this integration you will be able to manage your leads better, increase your sales pipeline and maximise online ROI.

Don’t miss out on your potential customers! Contact Generate UK to book a free Lead Forensics consultation and demo, and find out how this software can help your business.