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If you are selling B2B products online and are looking…

If you are selling B2B products online and are looking to find out more about a feature-filled digital transformation solution, you have come to the right blog! As you will already know, the world of B2B e-commerce is growing rapidly. Traditional face to face B2B sales are becoming a thing of the past and the emergence of new technology surrounding online B2B trading is accelerating, partly due to speed to purchase and speed to research. According to Forrester research, 74% of B2B buyers research more than half of their purchases online.

Generate UK are agnostic in our approach to technology and the development projects we deploy. This means we use multiple technologies and will only recommend the right solution, rather than trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.  Technology should be an enabler, not hinder you in your quest to achieve your online business objectives.

In our twelve years of business, we haven’t partnered with a software company until now! There is a plethora of ecommerce software available to the marketplace, many of which we have used to develop ecommerce stores. All have been designed to sell online, and all come with a different price point based on the feature set and functionality you require. Much of the software available is designed specifically for the consumer market leaving you in a predicament when it comes to selling direct to business. Developing B2B functionality within a traditional B2C platform, such as pricing metrics, payment rules, workflow and multiple stores/catalogues come with a whole heap of challenges and costs.

Within the ecommerce world we believe a business decision should focus on usability, performance, speed of operation, security and mitigating any existing infrastructure should also be considered. As an agency we have been developing ecommerce websites for over 12 years and 75% of our clients are B2B so when we found OroCommerce we just had to take a closer look!

OroCommerce comes from a suite of products developed by OroInc. The portfolio includes OroCRM, an open-source CRM with a host of ‘out-of-the-box’ rich features for optimising conversions, growing sales, and improving customer satisfaction. The OroPlatform is an open-source platform made for rapid application development (RAD). Both are built using PHP and the popular Symfony framework, which provides developers and businesses a jump-start for building responsive web applications that solve specific business problems. All products within the OROInc portfolio are supported by a large variety of third-party integrations and reporting tools.

Based in the US, the company was founded back in 2012 by the ex-Magento leadership team of Yoav Kutner, Dima Soroka, and Jary Carter and since its conception Oro now has over 400,000 active installs and is being used in over 100 countries with a significant customer base including the likes of Petra, AnimalSupply, Aldo, France Air, and many others.

With offices throughout the world, the platform supports several languages including English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Russian. Generate UK were delighted that after a number of successfully completed OroCommerce projects they became OroInc’s first UK Partner for OroCommerce.

Please read the Press Release here

So why did we feel that Oro was the right partner for us? Quite simply, because our philosophy and approach to technology is closely aligned with theirs.

Oro believe that the best software is always open source and can be deployed in any situation. That’s why all of their products can be utilised on-premise or in the Cloud and you can easily move from one deployment to the other to scale up or down with business needs. It’s part of their deploy anytime, anywhere philosophy. That same philosophy drives us in our quest to deliver, where possible open source technology for our client

From a delivery perspective the Oro platforms allow us to support B2B companies through their digital transformation process with B2B eCommerce and CRM that leverage open technology stack providing business tools that build relationships and increase sales.

OroCommerce is an Enterprise level eCommerce solution that supports any B2B business model. Whether you are a pure B2B or a hybrid B2B2C, OroCommerce comes out of the box with a huge array of the tools you need to establish an amazing ecommerce store.

Click here for OroCommerce feature set and to learn more about the unique qualities that make OroCommerce so special for B2B ecommerce trading.

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