It’s time we get better at talking about data collection

Data collection isn’t ‘immoral’, it just needs better marketing.

Around 70% of consumers say they see data collection by businesses as ‘immoral’ (source).

That’s a pretty grim statistic.

The message is loud and clear, right?

Stop collecting people’s data.

Or, is it?

Later on, consumers were asked about personalisation.

Only 16% felt that the brands they interact with understand their needs as an individual.

The problem seems less about people not wanting businesses to have their data, but more that they do not feel their data is being used correctly.

So, what does this mean?

Simple, it’s all about your value proposition.

Outline clearly what your customer is getting from sharing their data with you, whether that be:

  1. Personalised product recommendations
  2. Tailored promotions and offers
  3. Access to more relevant content

And, the conversation changes.

It’s never been a data issue, but a lack of perceived value in the transaction.

Data collection isn’t ‘immoral’, it just needs better marketing.


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