Local SEO: What It Is & How You Can Improve It

Local SEO is a form of online marketing targeted at customers in a business’ local area. It allows your business to promote your services to local customers in a more targeted format. It relies on search engines such as Google and Bing, and also business directories like Yelp, Yell & Business Directory UK.

When potential local customers search for the product or service you’re offering search engines will potentially prioritise your business as it is more convenient for customers to purchase from you. This is especially prevalent on mobile, where search engines can track customer’s locations and pin point the closest businesses to them.


How to improve Your Local SEO Position

List your business
Listing your business with Google will allow it to appear against localised searches such as the one above. If you have more than one business location you can register each one with Google. It also allows customers  to easily find your location and contact details, potentially creating a new potential source for leads.
Add reviews
Reviews can help your business stand out on local searches, Google’s star ratings not only help your business stand out but may also help generate a good first impression with potential customers. Asking happy customers to fill out reviews on Google can be a good way of obtaining reviews, with websites such as Google Review Link Generator creating links straight to your business listings page.
Use directories
Using directories for SEO purposes is more about quality than quantity. Long gone are the days where Google rewarded you based on the number of back links your website possessed and now Google is more interested in the domain authority of where your business is listed. Popular directory sites such as Yelp receive a lot of traffic and can be strong touch points to reach potential customers.

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