Marketing Manager, Charlie Fox, on Triangle’s Website Refresh

Triangle Information Management are constantly evolving their services and projects and keeping their website updated. Despite the ongoing active maintenance of the site, Triangle had developed faster than their site, and saw the need for an overhaul of the services structure and embarked on a new website strategy. We spoke to marketing manager, Charlie Fox, to learn more about the refresh, the thought processes behind it and what the new site means for Triangle.

Why was the new structure so important to Triangle?

The way a website looks and works is the cornerstone in the marketing machine for any business and it’s likely to be a customer’s main reference point. It was key that the way we present our services online is an accurate representation of what we offer our customers.

The Business Intelligence landscape has changed – and is constantly changing. There is a lot of jargon and buzzwords being thrown about, for example ‘IoT’, ‘Big Data’ etc. However, the core message regarding our projects and services remains the same, we just needed our site to better reflect who Triangle are.

How has the site changed?

After a heat map from Generate UK showed that our ‘what we do’ section was the most popular, with many users clicking on this part of the site, we wanted to take the opportunity to ensure visitors got a clear and broad picture of the services we offer and it catered for their needs. As a result of the changes we’ve made, our user journey has improved significantly.

Have your services changed at all? Or had the site just evolved to better reflect what you offer?

At Triangle, we are constantly developing our products and services as they have to move forward to keep up with the industry. In many ways, our business had outgrown our website; Triangle keep abreast of the latest technology and industry changes, though the old website did not necessarily highlight that. The site needed to more accurately project what we are offering in a more holistic way. We wanted it to present all the information and services needed to execute a great BI project, inspiring success from start to finish.

Something new we’ve noticed on the website is Triangle’s 6 Pillars for Success, can you tell us a bit more about this? 

Though the 6 Pillars of Success is new to the website, this methodology has been part of Triangle for a long time, so we wanted to make our potential customers aware of exactly how and why we ensure success.

We’re advocates of the 6 pillars of success and apply these elements to all of our ventures. These are namely vision, team, action, communication, technology and data. Triangle have assisted hundreds of successful BI projects and in our experience, projects won’t truly fly without incorporating all of these principles.

What challenges were there with the old site?

There were very few real challenges, the issue was simple – making sure the site portrayed who we are and how we deliver successful BI projects.

The ‘What We Do’ section is incredibly important for any company website to get right. Though we always keep on top of developing the site, for what we wanted to achieve this time around, we needed the site refresh to really focus on our services so it is up to date.

How does Triangle keep on top of the ever-changing BI industry?

Triangle’s BI consultants are not only experienced but certified, we actively encourage continued learning and extensively invest in our Research and Development Department in software, on premise and in the cloud to help stay ahead of the curve. This is what makes us stand out, and now we can say our website more effectively showcases us as a go-to Business Intelligence partner for successful BI and business analytics projects.

As well as the constant evolution, have there been any major industry changes that prompted the refreshed site?

Selling a software license is easy, but not every company can deliver analytics solutions like Triangle can. Triangle Information Management is not just a software vendor; we are planners, problem solvers and trouble-shooters and are always looking for new ways to grow – both for our individual employees, clients and for Triangle as a whole. Triangle is about quality rather than instant access, we take the time to understand your business needs and the industries you work with in order to construct a well-suited, successful BI project. We wanted our site to reflect this commitment to quality and the commitment to fully understanding all of our customers’ needs.

What’s your favourite feature of the new website?

Having been a labour of love for quite some time, I would have to say that the overall user experience is something we are proud of. We give a far better account of ourselves and the way the user can get the information they want is far more simplistic.

Tell us more about the new user journey.

We have identified three key user groups who visit our site. Those who are kick-starting a new analytics project, those who are re-energising an analytics project and those looking to take the next leap with analytics. We have tailored content to suit each one of those group’s needs. We have given users a far more nutritious journey throughout the site- Complementary content is offered as the user delves into the site.

To discover Triangle’s range of innovative business intelligence services and to view the website refresh, check out the Triangle website.