Top 4 Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Over the past couple of years we have seen a shift from traditional digital marketing methods to a more mobile focus. With Google putting more and more of a spotlight on mobile, it’s time that brands started exploring mobile marketing opportunities. For those who are hesitant to start reaching users via mobile, here are the top 4 benefits to mobile marketing!

1. Reach

93% of adults in the UK personally own/use a mobile phone, and with the majority of these users within arm’s length of their devices at all times there’s a lot of potential to reach customers at any time of the day. SMS marketing boasts an impressive average open rate of 98%, meaning mobile marketing could become an essential tool in ensuring your company’s message is delivered to, and read by, a large proportion of your customer base.

2. Mobile Searches Outweigh Desktop Searches
According to research conducted in 2016, up to 60% of global search queries on Google come from a mobile device, meaning if your website is not optimised for mobile users, you are limiting your companies reach with potential customers. Google has begun putting more weight on mobile friendly websites in SEO, making mobile marketing a possible channel to gain a competitive edge on your competitors if their websites are not mobile responsive.

3. Affordability
Compared to other forms of marketing, mobile marketing is a generally affordable way to communicate with your customers. Without the need to pay postage, printing or air time, you can expect to pay a lot less per person with each campaign. Thanks to automation, there’s also the benefit of less set up and management time ensuring that your staff will have more time to manage all marketing channels efficiently.

4. Powerful Targeting
Whilst mobile marketing offers you the possibility of reaching a large amount of users, it also allows you to run extremely specific ads and campaigns to target different audiences. With improvements in the level of information available to marketers, you can target and segment potential customers by age, location, job title, even their favourite TV show! With such specific targeting options available you have the ability to craft personalised and effective marketing campaigns to engage your target audience.

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